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An Honest Beauty Pie Review | Massive $750+ Haul

An Honest Beauty Pie Review | Massive $750+ Haul

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Last Updated on December 9, 2022 by Eve Dawes

A non sponsored look at cult beauty store Beauty Pie in this unboxing & review haul

Beauty Pie review of my latest skincare and beauty haul. Beauty Pie came onto my radar last Summer while staying with my sister and using all of her Beauty Pie skincare products. She used to have a beauty salon in London and is my beauty and skincare guru. I was instantly hooked on this cruelty free skincare company’s Uber Youth super lift neck spray serum so thought I’d try the membership and do a massive haul (not sponsored) worth over $750 ($207.50 with member pricing). Here’s my thoughts on each of their skincare products and the Beauty Pie membership VS non members pricing.

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Beauty Pie Review | 7 Skincare Products Put To The Test

Here’s my review of this cruelty-free skincare collection. Am I ready to ditch my current skincare and make the switch? Is Beauty Pie membership worth it?

These are the 7 Beauty Pie skincare products I ordered and tried out:

  • Beauty Pie Über Youth™ Neck & Chest Super Lift Serum-Spray ($75 or $22 with Beauty Pie annual membership). This is my favorite product so far and I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my skin here, especially in the reduction of lines when I wake up in the morning.
  • Beauty Pie Awesome Bronze™ Sun-kissed Glow Self-Tanning Drops $40 non members/$14 members. Not convinced this gives enough color pay off for mer personally as I like to have a darker tan.
  • Super Healthy Skin™ Nourishing Body Polish $50/$19.50. This smells heavenly and leaves skin baby soft. I love that you need need to use a moisturizer afterwards so it saves time and money there.
  • Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin™ Amazing Sleep Oil $95/$26.50. My 2nd favorite product I’ve tried so far for it’s smell and hydrating properties.
  • Beauty Pie Triple Hyaluronic Acid Elastic Lifting Eye Serum $50/$17.50.
  • Youth-Boosting Super Retinol Trio $230/$55 too early to tell with this but I’ll keep you updated.
  • Beauty Pie Super Retinol Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream $70/$15.50 Super Retinol Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream.


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Is Beauty Pie cruelty free?

Yes! I’m so happy I’ve found another cruelty-free skincare company I can share with you.

At BEAUTY PIE, we do not believe in, nor do we authorize animal testing for our products or the ingredients that go into our products. (This means we do not do animal testing, our suppliers do not do animal testing, nor do we pay people to do animal testing for us).

Beauty Pie
beauty pie triple hyaluronic acid eye serum

Shop my Beauty Pie skincare haul

Favorite & least favorite Beauty Pie skincare products

I’ll update this post in a month or so to let you know how I’m finding the results, especially from the Super Retinol. My 2 favorite skincare products from their line so far are the neck spray and sleep oil.

I’ve been using the neck serum spray since the Summer and have noticed a difference. When I use it liberally at night I wake up with less of a seagull/M wrinkle on my décolletage as I’m a stomach sleeper. I find it really hydrating and it’ll definitely stay in my skincare routine along with their Super Healthy Skin Amazing Sleep oil.

beauty pie review skincare

My least favorite Beauty Pie product so far is the tanning drops as they don’t give as much color pay off as Tan Luxe. I’m going to try again but by adding them directly to my skin for a few days in a row rather than mixing with moisturizer to see if I can get a deeper color.

Is Beauty Pie membership worth it

What I thought was a really good feature is that you can do a month’s free trial membership where you can order whatever you want (no limit) and cancel whenever you want. That way you can try out something or everything you want to like I did with members pricing. If you like the products and want to keep up the membership you can, if not, you can cancel.

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Beauty Pie

I cancelled my membership as I well and truly stocked up (3 neck sprays, 3 eye creams, the retinol system and everything above). However, will I do the full annual membership going forward? At this point it’s a definite yes, even if it’s just for the neck serum and sleep oil as the savings are massive.

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Beauty Pie membership is currently $59 per year but you save $68.50 on the Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin™ Amazing Sleep Oil alone which covers the cost of the membership even if that’s all that you buy. So I’ll definitely be back for more and a member once my current stash runs out.


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