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Best wine advent calendars 2023 for the merriest holiday season

Best wine advent calendars 2023 for the merriest holiday season

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Last Updated on October 12, 2023 by Eve Dawes

The booziest advent calendars to toast the holiday season 2023 Edition

Wine advent calendars 2023, along with champagne advent calendars and boozy advent calendars may be the highlight of December for me. Ok, besides the shopping, holiday parties, fashion and mince pies. They remind me of being a kid; the advent calendar not the wine. About getting excited about opening a new window each morning to see what chocolate shape would be behind the door. Now at the end of each day in December I look forward to opening each door to see what new wine, sparkling wine or champagne I can try. But where do you get wine advent calendars and sparkling wine advent calendar for 2023? Of course I found the best of them! These are the best adult advent calendars 2023 I’ve found so far both online and in stores. Time to order and get pouring!

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wine advent calendar costco 2023

Wine advent calendar options

The first option is to buy one of the many options online or in stores. Some of the varietals and vineyards in these adult advent calendars will hopefully be great new finds for you. Others might be misses that go into the Winter sangria but the fun’s trying something new and hopefully finding a new varietal or 2 that you like.

Another option is to make your own advent calendar. As shipping can get expensive. This has the benefit of being able to curate your own selection. Just buy an adult advent calendar bottle holder and add your own bottles. However, this takes the surprise out if it’s for you but is a super cute idea if you’re gifting someone else.

costco wine advent calendar

Are wine advent calendars expensive to ship?

Most of these wine advent calendars on this best wine advent calendars list have surprisingly affordable shipping considering how heavy they are. But if you’d rather go and pick them up in person and not pay for shipping, I’ve listed a store you can do that too to get all of the festive feels.

How much do wine advent calendars cost?

There’s not a huge range in these boozy advent calendars pricing. They range from $98.25 to $169 but range from having 7-24 bottles.

wine advent calendar 12 bottles

Bring on the Bubbly | The Best Boozy Advent Calendars You Can Buy This Winter

Where can I find wine Advent calendar? These online and physical stores have the best wine advent calendars for 2023. They’re a trend that’s only been around a few years but choices are rapidly expanding and these are the boozy treats that caught my eye. Plus a lot of them are half bottles rather than single glass size and more is always a good thing when it comes to wine!

Sparkling Wine, Champagne & Wine Advent Calendars 2023 That Ship

These are the best wine advent calendars for 2023 that ship. So get them or gift them and get ready to try something new this holiday season.

Vintage Wine Estates Advent Calendar $96

Where are my wine lovers? What’s great about this wine advent calendar is that you can choose red, white or a mix. This advent wine box has 12 x 375ml (half) bottles, not the tiny single glass bottles. If you’re not a fan of surprises, this adult advent calendar tells you exactly what’s inside including the varietal and vineyard.

From buttery Chardonnays, to crisp Pinot Grigio’s and jammy reds, it’s pretty hard to not at least find a few wines you like. Serve the other unopened bottles to guests to make it sound like you have a really well stocked wine fridge or cellar!

Vinebox 12 Nights of Wine 2023 edition $129-199

Where better to get a wine advent calendar from than a company that specializes just in wine. This boozy advent calendar was a hit last year and you can pre order the 2023 wine advent calendar now and they’ll start shipping mid October.

I will say it’s more of a wine tasting gift box than an advent calendar though. As there are no doors to open, so no surprises each day. The wines are not numbered and are all laid out in full view.

What makes it even better this year is that it had a makeover for a more elevated look. It now comes in a gift-worthy flat box with a magnetic closure and there are 3 options with both international and domestic wines:

  • The Cozy Collection featuring 12 delicious reds.
  • The Chill Collection featuring a mix of whites, rosés and chillable reds.
  • Combine the two for the ultimate wine lover’s Advent: 24 Nights of Wine.

Honestly, the photos don’t do it justice. The Vinebox wine advent calendar is so beautifully presented and would also make a great gift. I’ve popped mine in the fridge but will update this with reviews as soon as I’ve started working my way through them. I’ve never had a chilled red before, so I’m excited to find something new as normally I’m a Chardonnay and rosé wine girl.

best wine advent calendar 2023 white red rose

Sparkling wine advent calendar $129

This boozy advent calendar is perfect for counting down the 12 days of Christmas with 12 mini split bottles of sparking wine. The bubbly varietals in this sparkling wine advent calendar 2023 include brut, Prosecco, rosé and cuvée from Chandon, Gemma di Luna, Ruffino and more.

Personally I feel a bit cheated that there’s only 12 bottles not 24 but on the plus side it keeps the price and calories down. Shipping’s also only $15 in the US. They’re available to pre-order now and will ship in November but once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Wine Advent Calendar 2023 $179 from Give Them Beer

If you prefer wine to bubbles these 12 bottles are for you. Even better, these bottles are half bottle size, there’s not a single serve bottle in sight. There’s a mix of reds, whites and rosé wines from well known wineries like Francis Coppola, Robert Mondavi, Simi and Kendall Jackson and this festive calendar’s available now.

boozy advent calendar adults wine

Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar 2023

This hasn’t been released yet but will be available from November 3rd 2023. Since it’s always one of the most popular wine calendars I’ll add it as soon as I get my eyes on it.

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Boozy advent calendars 2023 for in store pick up

As much as I love online shopping, I also love in person holiday shopping when done before the rush. I love all of the festive music, getting gift inspiration and seeing what’s new.

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Costco Wine Advent Calendar 2022 $99.99

This is only available in store so you’ll either need Costco membership or a friend with one (Thank you Misti!). This is one of the best value calendars and contains 24 x 375ml bottles of various reds and whites from around the World. There’s even a QR code to scan to learn about the wines behind each door, each day.

costco wine app advent calendar

Here’s more details, including how to learn more about each wine and a sneek peek behind door 1 from last years Costo wine advent calendar. I shared what was behind the door every day in December on YouTube if you want to get an idea of what to expect this year.

I’ll be doing more advent calendar unboxing’s again this year so subscribe if you want to take a peek inside with me.

Costco wine advent calendar review from last year

Bubble Box Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar

This boozy adult advent calendar is one of the more affordable ones but only has 7 bottles of bubbles. I’ll link it as soon as the 2023 calendar Sip your way through these mini bottles of sparkling wine from some of the world’s best winemaking regions: Cava from Spain, Prosecco from Italy, Champagne from France and sparkling wine from Cali.

Make your own wine advent calendar

If you’re going to make you’re own wine advent calendar you need 3 things:

  1. An advent calendar that holds wine bottles. I’ve found some super cute ones that can be customized and used year after year.
  2. Booze : shop for a selection of mini wine and champagne bottles to fill each day.
  3. Time to create your custom wine advent calendar.

Wine bottle holder advent calendars & mini bottles

More holiday shopping and gifting inspo…oh and wine!

If you’re into beauty as much as wine, beauty advent calendars are another way to go. Or get a beauty advent calendar for the morning and wine for the evening. Although it’s always 5 0’clock somewhere.

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More advent calendars, gifts and wine experiences

From beauty advent calendars to gifting, wine and truffle hunting tours. Here’s some more inspiration for the festive season for you:

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