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Can you wear white shoes to a wedding | Guest rules

Can you wear white shoes to a wedding | Guest rules

can you wear white shoes to a wedding

Last Updated on May 16, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Experts weigh in on if it’s ok or not to wear white shoes as a wedding guest

Can you wear white shoes to a wedding as a guest? We all know you shouldn’t wear a white dress or white outfit but what about white footwear? Are white sandals and shoes forbidden for guests on the wedding day too? The last thing you want to do is upset the bride on her big day. I researched the wedding experts and wedding website s opinion to get the answer for you to avoid any wedding guest faux pas. 

White shoes can be acceptable if they’re not overly prominent and are part of a well-coordinated outfit
can you wear white shoes to a wedding

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Can you wear white shoes to a wedding | Tips for getting it right

For the most part yes, it’s acceptable to wear white shoes as a wedding guest as long as they’re not white sneakers and you’re not wearing white attire! The white rule really is talking about not wearing a white outfit that would in anyway take away from the brides white wedding dress.

However, some opinions differ when it comes to the shoes, different wedding dress codes require different things, and there are some occasions where they’re ok and others not so much. So if you have another option it’s always safer to wear an alternative color. That saves any potential stress on your part or any judgement coming from anyone whether they’re right or wrong. If in any doubt:

  1. Check the dress code on the wedding invitation for any specific guidelines.
  2. For the most part avoid them if it’s formal attire like white or black tie formal dress codes.
  3. For beach weddings, destination weddings or more casual summer weddings you’re probably ok.
  4. Are there any religious or cultural customs or traditions where white shoes would not be an appropriate choice. 
  5. Ask other people in the wedding party if they think it’s ok.
  6. Reach out to the happy couple and ask their preferences.

At the end of the day, the wedding couple have the final say on whether white shoes get the green light or not.

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The case for wearing white wedding guest shoes

I think it’s totally fine! As long as the dress isn’t white, I think white shoes are fine, plus sometimes brides (speaking from my experience) don’t even wear white shoes!

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Wearing a white dress is an absolute don’t but white shoes as an accessory should be acceptable since they are a neutral color (as long as the dress code doesn’t explicitly state otherwise!).

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If a bride has a problem with white shoes, there’s a whole other level of bridezilla. White shoes are perfectly acceptable attire.

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The case against wearing white wedding guest shoes

Try to put yourself in the bride’s position. Is this an envelope that’s really worth pushing?

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Wearing white shoes as a guest can appear disrespectful or as though you’re trying to compete with the bride. Opting for a different shoe color is a way to honor tradition, show consideration for the couple’s special day.

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​Would another color work just as well

Before you decide to go for white heels or shoes, consider whether another nude, beige, gold, silver, pastel, jewel tones or tonal color would work with your wedding attire just as well.

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Also consider where the wedding is e.g. it’s on a lot of grass would white shoes get stained and the time of year. Obviously you’re not going to wear white sandals to a winter wedding, they’re definitely more suited to a summer wedding.

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Another thing to think about is your wedding guest outfit as a whole, to make sure your white shoes aren’t the focal point and that you don’t have too many other white elements. Is the overall look and main color white or is that just an accent color? Make sure if you’re wearing white shoes, there isn’t too much white in the rest of your outfit e.g. your dress isn’t a white print and you don’t have white accessories too. If you think you’re wearing too much white, you are. 

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Shop the best white wedding guest shoes and other alternatives

These are some of the best options for both white shoes, off-white shades and other alternative colors for playing it safe and not looking like bridal shoes.

I’ve avoided anything too bridal looking like white satin, white bows or crystal embellishments. I’ve also included a lot of block heels and other great options for a more stable heel for weddings on grass, at the beach, and for the dance floor etc.

Last word, as long as you’re respecting the couple’s preferences you’re doing it right.


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