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Lovers and Friends Review | Know Before You Buy

Lovers and Friends Review | Know Before You Buy

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Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Lovers and Friends clothing looks fab for fashion but is it worth it?

Lovers and Friends is one of those brands most of us have heard of, especially if you shop on Revolve. It’s one of those mid price brands that’s always on Revolves best sellers list but is it worth it? I’ve ordered over 20 Lovers and Friends mini dresses, jumpsuits, matching sets and tops over the last couple of years. Here’s my honest review including what I’ve kept and what hit the return pile, Lovers and Friends sizing, quality and what’s on my wish list. Full disclosure, as a Revolve brand ambassador a lot of these items were gifted but I was not asked to review them.

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Lovers and Friends Review

Here’s my experience with this brand from the good to the not so good and why. I didn’t realize how many of their clothes I owned until I did my Holiday Party Dress haul video the other day. As I tend to shop by what catches by eye on Revolve rather than filtering by brand.

cargo pants womens black outfit classy lovers friends

Wearing an XS in the black satin cargo pants. I find this style runs true to size.

Lovers and Friends clothing review

Lovers and Friends | The Hits

Let’s start with all of the hits and pieces I kept. When Lovers and Friends dresses and outfits work they work. They’re some of my favorite pieces in my closet like the hot pink satin dress above, shorts set and red gown below.

I tend to choose Lovers and Friends dresses and outfits as they’re normally fashion forward, a little sexy and in colors that I normally go for. I also find Lovers and Friends sizing reliable so know the sizing will work for me. These are the clothes and accessories in my closet right now from them that I love.

lovers friends hat white pearls revolve
Lovers + Friends white hat with pearls

1. Hayes Hot Pink satin halterneck mini dress

I find this Lovers and Friends mini dress runs true to size and was sold by the color. Because it’s satin you do need to baby it and not wear a bag or jewelry that could snag it.

2. Lovers and Friends mini dress | Blue sweater dress

Another purchase because one I needed more sweater dresses and two because of the stunning shade of blue. I ordered my normal size and find it runs true to size but short (I’m 5’2″). Like I said, they tend to be a sexier brand and dresses and skirts often run on the shorter side. It’s great for us petite girls but if you’re taller make sure you can return it if it doesn’t work out for you. Shop the blue mini dress.

best sweater dresses 2022 2023 lovers friends blue roll neck
Lovers and Friends blue sweater dress

3. Black Tamarin sweater dress with thigh high slit

Because who doesn’t need a sexy black sweater mini dress. It’s a closet staple and this isn’t too thick that you’ll melt in it. If you’re worried about messing up your hair and makeup putting on a roll neck if you’re changing or already have it done, put a silk scarf or tea towel over your head when you put the dress on. I changed into all 3 of these roll neck sweater dresses in an hour to snap pics for this post and that trick saved my hair and makeup. Shop the black mini dress.

lovers friends mini dress black Tamarin

4. Kiana roll neck black sweater dress

Similar to the one above but less sexy and more casual. Although it’s easy to dress up or down. It’s a lightweight knit dress and dry clean only but I kept it as I love the cut. It’s one of Revolve’s more popular styles and keeps selling out but it’s available to preorder right now.

5. Chain detail Lovers and Friends mini dress

Ok, I might have gone a bit overboard stocking up on black sweater dresses but I tend to live in them in Fall and Winter. This is thicker than the other ones and I fell in love with the chain detailing which makes it a bit more unique. The pockets are actually functional not just for aesthetics. I love the oversized, slouchier fit of this style.

6. Matching shorts and bralette top set

I’m all for matching sets as they make dressing easy. The quality of this is excellent and I love a high waist with a crop top as it means less belly on show. It also has pockets big enough for my iPhone and came with the matching belt.

I fake tanned with it so that it didn’t wash me out. I love walking around European cities in the Summer and this top solves the issue of strappy tan lines too.

7. Sexy red gown

I’ve had so many compliments on this red gown. At first I wasn’t sure as I was worried it was too snug and it came really wrinkled. However, once I steamed it and put on heels it was one of those dresses that makes you feel instantly more confident and elegant.

lovers and friends red gown off shoulder train

It’s also one of the few, maybe the only gown I’ve never had to hem. If you look at photos of the model, if you’re tall it’s going to hit around ankle length. If you’re more petite, it’s going to be more of a gown length which is perfect for the holiday season.

8. Wrap up sweater dress | Lovers and Friends green mini dress

I got this Lovers and Friends green mini dress for the holidays as it has some sparkle to it. It also comes in blue and is adjustable which is perfect for all of the holiday eating and drinking.

It’s on the lighter weight side material wise for a sweater dress so I wore it with nipple coverups (versus a bra) but I love that as I tend to overheat in thick sweater dresses at holiday parties with all of the eating, drinking and heaters.

9. Kelia hot pink mini dress

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you’ll know I love pink, feminine styles and the long evening gloves trend. This Lovers and Friends mini dress checks all 3 boxes and went straight in my shopping cart as soon as I saw it. It is a little snug and a little short but I loved the color and style too much to return it.

The only downside is you can’t use touchscreens (eg your phone) wearing the gloves but they’re so good if you suffer from cold hands like I do and for making the outfit.

lovers and friends pink velvet mini dress matching gloves set

10. Spell on you pink Lovers and Friends jumpsuit

I snapped up a pink satin jumpsuit a couple of years ago on sale for under $50 (sold out). I wanted something lightweight and comfortable for flying and that would be easy to dress up or down. I don’t wear it as much as I thought I would because it’s dry clean and I never got around to getting it hemmed which means I always have to wear it with heels. Not the most practical for traveling!

11. Lovers + Friends belted cardigan dress

I find this style runs true to size and isn’t see-through. It sits longer on me than the model as I’m petite. I’m tempted to also get it in black and pink as it’s such a classic style.

Shop my Lovers and Friends looks

All of these Lovers and Friends pieces were from Revolve (some gifted, some paid for).

  1. Hot pink satin halterneck dress.
  2. Blue sweater dress.
  3. Black sweater dress.
  4. Roll neck black sweater dress.
  5. Chain detail black sweater dress.
  6. Tan high waisted shorts and bralette set.
  7. Red gown.
  8. Green mini dress.
  9. Kelia mini dress.
  10. Pale pink jumpsuit sold out.
  11. Lovers + Friends belted cardigan
  12. Denim cargo skirt
lovers friends cargo v waist skirt denim
Denim cargo skirt runs true to size

What’s on my Lovers and Friends wish list

These are some of the dresses, tops and matching sets on my wish list to add to my closet as the season goes on. I’ll add them to the hits and misses as they come in. A lot of them are on the dressier and more glam side but it’s called Glamour and Gains for a reason.

There are some basics as well like black bodysuits and because we all need those for everyday as much as I’d love to walk around in cocktail dresses and crystals all day. Others are dresses that are easy to dress up or down.

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You could just as easily wear this black dress with sneakers as with heels as it’s a comfy, soft jersey fabric or this cut out mini‘s machine washable.

Lovers and Friends | The Misses

One thing I’ll say is that their quality is normally consistent. Looking through all of my returns there are 3 main factors to the misses: color, cut and care instructions more than anything to do with the fit or quality.

Sometimes colors look different on monitors, especially cream, blush and beige. I love white and cream but beige or too pale a peachy pink washes me out so I’ve returned a couple of sweaters and dresses for that reason alone.

Other Lovers and Friends returns have been because I hadn’t read what the material was or that they were dry clean only and seeing how wrinkled they were when they arrived and how high maintenance they were returned them. I’ve got a lot better about reading care instructions before ordering these days.

The most misses for me have been with bodysuits. With them being either too thin but cut so you can’t wear a bra or just not the right size for my chest. I loved the color of this hot pink bodysuit (now on sale) but I just couldn’t make the strapless side work for me. In saying that I have a fuller chest for the rest of my size.

The only time I’ve fallen in love with something but it be a design flaw and had to return it was with this Lovers and Friends red bustier and pants/trousers set from Revolve. It has the most stunning crystal details but they’re also on the zipper on the top making it impossible to zip up. Or at least none of us could do it.

Lovers and Friends sizing

I find Lovers and Friends sizing runs true to size. Their styles are often on the sexier more fitted side and can run short but at 5’2″ I appreciate that. So it’s a great brand for petites.

Lovers and Friends review conclusion

Yes, I’ve had some misses but I’ve had misses in most brands to be fair. I keep coming back to them as it’s my style aesthetic, they tend to fit my body well most of the time and the quality is pretty consistent. They’re one of my favorite brands on Revolve.

Just check the care instructions before buying if hand wash or dry clean is too much maintenance. Also, keep an eye out for their sales as there tends to be a lot of Revolve Lovers and Friends sales.


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