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12 Best Hermès bag dupes | Skip the waitlist with these inspired styles

12 Best Hermès bag dupes | Skip the waitlist with these inspired styles

hermes bag dupe kelly red

Last Updated on June 3, 2024 by Eve Dawes

12 Chic Hermès Kelly and Birkin bag dupes inspired by the much loved French luxury brand

It’s hard to beat an original Hermès bag. The French luxury brand is synonymous with luxury, refined style, and elegance but hard on the credit card with it’s 5 figure price tag and even harder to get hold of. One of my goals of Glamour and Gains from the very beginning was to make fashion accessible to all. Sharing both designer and luxe for less versions of all of the latest fashion and runway trends. So I’ve scouted out the very best Hermès bag dupes including vegan leather and crystal options since the Hermes Kelly and Birkin bag don’t come in vegan leather or crystal options. Besides the Sac Bijou Birkin, priced around $2 million but that’s a miniaturized Birkin designed to be worn as a bracelet. Just to clarify fakes and replicas are illegal, these bags are not that! These are Hermès inspired bags but most definitely not fakes.

This best Hermes bag dupe post contains affiliate links which do not affect the price.

Hermès Kelly bag dupe Mille bags red Celine vegan
Mille Bags red Celine vegan handbag

What is the most expensive Hermès bag

Hermès bags can cost as much as $2M. The most expensive Hermès bags include:

The Sac Bijou Birkin $2 Million

If you think Hermès bags are hard to get hold of, try getting hold of 1 of the 3 of these in existence! The Sac Bijou Birkin features 2,000 diamonds set in rose gold and was released in 2015 as part of Hermès Haute Bijouterie Collection. Forget trying to fit your phone in this bag, it’s actually designed be worn as a bracelet, albeit an expensive one.

The Ginza Tanaka Birkin $1.9 Million USD

This stunning Hermès bag was a collaboration with the Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka. This platinum Birkin’s details include 2,182 diamonds and features a 8-carat pear-shaped diamond center piece.

Birkin Himalaya with diamonds $450,000

The Hermès Himalaya Kelly bag comes in 2 variations with and without diamonds but obviously the diamond version is the more expensive of the 2. Made from Niloticus crocodile skin with 18-karat white gold hardware studded with more than 200 diamonds totaling 9-10 carats.

Hermès Himalaya Kelly Retourne 28 White Matte Niloticus Crocodile
Authentic Hermès Himalaya Birkin Bag on sale

Faubourg Birkin $400,000

There are four shades of the Faubourg Birkin, with Neige AKA “Snow” being the most valuable.

Side by side comparison of authentic Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags so you can compare them to the inspired styles below without having to jump from page to page around the internet.

12 best Hermès dupes | Hermès Kelly and Birkin dupes

If those are a little outside of your budget check out these Hermès inspired bags, no security guard required! These Hermès inspired bags range from under $70-$5000 giving you chic Hermès Kelly and Birkin bag dupes at both affordable price points and designer bag price points. As well a couple of designer options in case it’s the availability not the price that’s the issue.

  1. Mille Bags (formerly Handbags Resort).
  2. Ted Baker Myfair Medium Leather Padlock Handbag called Ted Baker Richmon leather shoulder bag in the UK.
  3. Tiffany & Fred Paris Large Leather Top Handle Shoulder Bag.
  4. Best Hermès inspired bag under $100 | Amazon – no surprise that there’s lots of sellers on Amazon.
  5. Best crystal bag under $100 (comes in red or gold) | ALDO Caisynx Rhinestone Top Handle Crossbody Bag.
  6. Tory Burch Lee Radziwill Double Bag for a slouchier style.
  7. Michael Michael Kors Ruby Medium Saffiano Leather Satchel.
  8. Gianni Notaro Handbags.
  9. Best designer Hermès inspired bag like Birkin | Celine 16 Bag
  10. Totes Luxe UK London Bag.
  11. Lily & Bean Hettie Mini Bag.
  12. Mulberry Islington Handbag and Bayswater Small Classic Bag.
hermes birkin bag dupe mille bags
Mille bags

Lily & Bean Hettie Bag | Chic Hermès Kelly bag dupe

Lily & Bean’s Hettie mini bag is one of the best Hermès bag dupes in my opinion, along with Mille Bags.  Both are a more affordable option to the designer bags on this list. What sets Lily & Bean Evie Hermès inspired bags apart is that both the Hettie and Evie styles come with two detachable, adjustable shoulder straps. One leather and one material to give you more options of how you carry your bag. You can also customize your bag with gold embossed initials or no initials.

The Hettie mini bag measures 19cm W X 12.5cm H X 6cm D and comes in 17 colors including neutrals, a stunning peacock blue saffiano style leather and croc effect leather.

Black leather top handle bag comes in 17 colors | Lily & Bean

Lily & Beach Evie Bag

There are 23 options for Lily & Bean’s Evie bag which comes in 2 sizes and 15 colors. I’m tempted by the hot pink one one for it’s color and two because a lot of my friends call em Evie. I also like the optional leather strap to be able to use it as a shoulder or cross body bag.

  • Regular size: 19cm x 13cm x 6cm 
  • Supersize: 28cm x 20cm x 11cm
Pink Evie top handle bag comes in lots more colors | Photo Lily & Bean

If the padlock style is too close in style to Hermès for you, this top handle bag is a great alternative. It gives you the structured top handle shape and gold hardware but with a different shape lock. Made from real leather wtwo detachable, adjustable shoulder straps to carry over your shoulder or across the body, keeping your hands free.

hermes inspired bag silver top handle gold lock lily bean
Limited edition silver bag comes in more colors | Lily & Bean

Tory Burch top handle bag

For those who prefer a more square shape bag, 2 tone bag without a padlock.

best hermes kelly bag dupe tory burch brown top handle
Tory Burch brown top handle bag use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout for a chance to win $500 store credit.

The best Hermès Kelly bag dupe | Mille Bags

I did a lot of looking around and research before buying. As I wanted to find the best option to share with you. I ended up with the Mille Bags Celine Vegan leather bag in red. I don’t have a bright red flap bag and it’s the color of the season.

From the moment I unboxed it I was impressed by how well it was packaged, the details, construction, aesthetic, quality for the price and how closely the color matched what was shown on their website. It’s one of the best Hermès Kelly bag dupes I’ve seen and also comes in a lot more color options including green, black, sand, pink, aqua and sky.

Hermès Kelly bag dupe mille bag red celine vegan leather
Celine Mille Bag straight out of the box and dust bag

The Celine bag from Mille Bags (formerly Handbags Resort) comes in 2 sizes 20cm and 25cm but I went with the bigger size to give me more options and also because I tend to tote my life around with me.

I love that it can be carried as a top handle, shoulder bag or crossbody bag and is big enough for the day and small enough for the evening. I’ve done a separate review of Mille Bags as they deserved their own space and as always, I have a lot to say.

Always check Mille bags banner at the top of their website as they often run sales. I got my vegan red Celine bag for 25% off over Christmas with code XMAS25 which made it great value for money.

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Vegan alternatives to Hermès bags

While Hermès does have a vegan leather alternative which is a sustainable, eco-friendly material made from mushrooms it’s only available in the classic Victoria travel bag. There is currently no vegan Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag. Which is why if you’re looking for a vegan bag it’s worth considering the alternatives like Mille Bags Celine vegan bag. Which isn’t only a fraction of the price but cruelty-free.

hermes bag dupe kelly red

Vegan leather VS leather which is better?

It’s not as simple as one being good and one being bad or one being better than the other but there are various pros and cons to both. So a lot will come down to personal choice and what’s more important to you ethically.

Obviously there’s no livestock involved in vegan leather. Which isn’t just about being cruelty free but that it also doesn’t contribute to over farming and deforestation. The production also causes lower carbon emissions.

It has lower carbon emissions: 15.8 kg per square metre of vegan leather vs 17.0 for leather.

Project Cece

However, the type of vegan leather used effects how chemical-heavy production is. E.g. PVC and PU aren’t as environmentally friendly in both production and biodegradability as natural options like mushrooms, pineapple leaves, apple peels, cork or even real leather.

Hermès Birkin bag dupe tan gold lock
Mille Luxe Bags

Shop the best Hermès bag dupes

From Hermès Kelly bag dupes to Hermès Birkin bag dupes these chic Hermès inspired bags in a range of sizes and prices are available now. I can’t guarantee they’ll feel like Hermès but they definitely score style points. As always there’s both designer and luxe for less options. As it’s not always about price but availability.

hermès inspired bag black mulberry islington handbag
Black Mulberry Islington handbag use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout for a chance to win $500 store credit.

A lot of them come in more colors than shown, so if you like the design have a look to see what other options are available.

hermes kelly bag dupe michael kors leather padlock orange
Michael Kors orange padlock bag | use code RF-220X-D9218D at checkout for a chance to win $500 store credit

If you’re looking for something you can customize or a personalized gift, you can emboss Lily & Bean’s Hettie bag or Evie bag with your or their initials.


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