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An in depth Mille Bags review | Formerly Handbags Resort

An in depth Mille Bags review | Formerly Handbags Resort

mille bags review celine vegan red handbag

Last Updated on May 17, 2024 by Eve Dawes

Mille Bags are known for their designer dupes for less but are they legit? Here’s my experience (not sponsored)

Mille Bags kept popping up in my Instagram feed so of course I Iooked as I can’t resist a classic top handle bag. Formerly Handbags Resort, Mille Bags UK is known for luxury dupes and have some of the best Hermès bag dupes (not fakes). It’s hard to beat an original Hermès bag but they’re hard on the credit card and even harder to get hold of. They have quite a few size, style and color options but I ended up with the Mille Bags Celine Vegan leather bag in red for my first order.. As I don’t have a bright red flap bag, it’s the color of the season, and I wanted to try their vegan leather. I actually liked it so much I ende up with Mia Midnight and Gabrielle too. Here’s my honest, unsponsored Mille Bags review and experience with this UK handbag company.

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Mille Bags review | Unboxing the Celine

From the moment I took it out of the box I was impressed by how well it was packaged. The straps were covered in plastic, there were protective protective rubber caps on the feet and lock loop, and there were protective stickers on all of the gold hardware. There was also a plastic bag stuffer I’m going to keep to help maintain it’s shape.

Hermès Kelly bag dupe mille bag red celine vegan leather
Mille Bag Celine vegan handbag straight out of the box and dust bag

They all came with removable straps but I haven’t used them. Maybe on a city break so I can wear them crossbody and be hands free. My favorite features are the protective foot studs and padlock detail. here’s also a zippered smaller pocket on the inside of all of them for keeping things like credit cards separate.

Mille bags review mia midnight black
Mille Luxe Mia Midnight Bag

Mille Bags review | Celine vegan bag details

The details of this bag including the shape, padlock and leather shoulder strap make this a timeless top handle bag. It’s one of the best Hermès Kelly bag dupes I’ve seen and also comes in a lot more color options including green, black, sand, pink, aqua and sky.

Best Hermès Kelly bag? Mille Bags review

The Celine bag from Mille Bags (formerly Handbags Resort) comes in 2 sizes 20cm and 25cm but I went with the bigger size to give me more options and also because I tend to tote my life around with me.

  • Comes with a strap, padlock, clochette and keys.
  • 4 foot studs.
  • Interior has 1 open pocket and one zippered pocket.
  • Size 25cm / 9.84” (also comes in smaller 20cm/7.87”). Both are large enough for your phone which makes them the perfect size IMO.
milly bag top handle bag crossbody strap

Ways to carry their top handle lock bags

I love that this style can be carried as a top handle, shoulder bag or crossbody bag and is big enough for the day and small enough for the evening. The shoulder strap is detachable if you’d rather not use it.

how carry top handle bag ways style shoulder bag

Vegan alternatives to Hermès bags

There is currently no vegan Hermès Birkin or Kelly bag. The only vegan Hermès bag is the classic Victoria travel bag. Which is a vegan leather alternative made from mushrooms making it a sustainable, eco-friendly option.

So if you’re vegan you might appreciate the Celine Mille Bag as a vegan alternative to an Hermès bag. Which isn’t only a fraction of the price but cruelty-free. Although it’s vegan leather it still has that new car smell of real leather.

Just to clarify fakes and replicas are illegal, these bags are not that! These bags are similar to the Hermès bag style but most definitely not fakes. There’s no fake Hermès name or logo.

mille bags review gabrielle brown leather gold lock
Gabrielle in brown leather

If people judge us for using dupes, let them judge. I for one, don’t feel safe toting around a $30K+ bag and would be devastated if it got damaged or stolen. This one I can put on the floor and take wherever. If it gets stolen its not going to cost me a fortune to replace.

While there are both pros and cons to choosing vegan leather, some of the benefits include the fact that there’s no livestock involved in vegan leather. It’s cruelty free, doesn’t contribute to over farming, deforestation and causes lower carbon emissions in it’s production.

mille bags vegan celine handbag red

Mille bags real leather options

Most of Mille bags are real leather including Mia and Gabrielle. The quality is astounding for the price point.

mille bags review gabrielle brown leather gold padlock
Mille Bags Gabrielle in brown leather

Mille bag review | How much is shipping & how fast is it

Mille Bags offers free International shipping and says that the delivery time should be within 10 days. I ordered my Mille Bag in December 21st and it arrived to me in the United States on December 29th. So 8 days total which I don’t think’s bad at all for International shipping over the Christmas holidays. Although there are some reviews that say it took longer.

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mille bag red vegan leather gold padlock top handle handbag

Mille Bags discount codes

Always check Mille bags banner at the top of their website as they often run sales. I got my vegan red Celine bag for 25% off over Christmas with discount code XMAS25 which made it great value for money.

Are Mille Lux Bags worth it

In my opinion, Yes they’re worth it. Does the leather feel as luxurious as an expensive designer bag, no. Is it great value for money, yes. If you want an elegant top handle bag this is a great, affordable option. Now I want the super cute real leather mini in blue to compare the vegan to real leather.

mille bags uk review worth it
Mille Bags review on YouTube

Are Mille Bags legit

In my experience, Yes they’re legit. Mine arrived within the 10 days it said it would and the color was true to what they’d shown. Some other Mille bags reviews back when it was Handbags Resort say otherwise but my whole shopping experience was seamless.

mille bags review celine vegan red handbag

Where are Mille Bags based?

Their website doesn’t say where they’re based. Mille Bags has an English phone number and address on their ‘Contact Us’ page but their bags and products ship from Mainland China.


I hope you found all the answers you were looking for in this Mille Bags review. Send me a DM on Instagram if you have any more questions I haven’t answered so that I can add them here.

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