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35 Best St Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas & Dresses

35 Best St Patrick’s Day Outfit Ideas & Dresses

st patricks day outfit womens green dress

Last Updated on February 7, 2023 by Eve Dawes

If you’re wondering what to wear for St Patricks Day here’s some stunning green dresses & outfit inspo

St. Patricks Day outfits and dresses are always fun to shop for. Whether you’re looking to dress up in a themed St. Patrick’s day costumes or just looking for a pretty outfit or green dress for St Patrick’s day. I’ve always just gone for something fashion forward and green but there are so many cute dresses around this year if you want to go full out costume wise. I tend to like outfits I can wear a few times rather than just once a year to avoid clutter. Unless I have a costume party to go to. Whatever you’re looking for or have planned I have you covered with lots of St Patrick’s day outfit ideas. From cute lucky four leaf clover sweaters and graphic tees to sexy Leprechaun costumes to stunning green sequin St. Patrick’s day outfits for women.

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Women’s St Patricks Day outfit ideas and inspiration

What you wear on St. Patricks day depends on whether you want something fashionable that you can wear more than once or something themed. Either way I have you covered with lots of St Patrick’s day outfit ideas including:

  • Trending green dresses and outfits.
  • Sexy St Patricks Day costumes.
  • Green bags and accessories.
st patricks day outfit womens green party dress

Metallics, sparkle and green are all fashion trends this year. So if you’re looking for a more fashionable, on trend outfit go for a green sequin dress, green top or matching crop top and blazer set that you can wear more than once.

green dress st patricks day sparkly mini
Sparkly green wrap dress

Knee high boots are also a big trend right now and it doesn’t matter whether they’re flat boots or heeled.

st patricks day outfit ideas womens green sequin mini dress
Photo Revolve

Another option for a St Patricks day outfit to celebrate this Irish holiday is a green blazer dress, which is easy to layer with if it’s cold. You can even get away with a thermal vest and leggings underneath with thigh high or knee high boots since the blazer will cover most of it. Which is perfect if you’re going to be outside a lot on a pub crawl in colder weather.

st patricks day outfit idea womens green blazer dress

A blazer and shorts set, jumpsuit or romper are cute options if you’re going to a bar or are somewhere warmer. They’re all styles you can wear more than just for St Paddy’s Day but still fit in with the green theme.

St Patricks Day outfit womens green romper

Shop the best St Patricks day dresses and womens outfits

Since everyone celebrates St Patty’s day a bit differently I’ve included an outfit for every celebration. Whether you’re going on a day time bar crawl and just want St. Patricks day shirt or green day dress or are partying in the evening and want something dressier.

st patricks day dress green strapless midi fashion blogger party

This stunning green dress is almost sold out so snap it up while you can. It’s one of those dresses that would also be great for a wedding guest dress or over leggings or tights so that you can get more than one wear out if it. Which honestly at this price, I’d want to.

green long sleeve jacket mini dress
Photo FWRD

If it’s colder than you expect, you can always style your outfit with black leggings or tights and black heels or boots.

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St Patricks Days womens costumes

If you’re looking for a cute St Patricks Day costume, Amazon has some really reasonably priced costumes. The sizing can be a bit hit and miss though. So definitely check the return policy and/or order more than 1 size to be safe.

If you don’t want to go full on Leprechaun for your St Patricks Day outfit they also have some cute t-shirts you can customize and fun shamrock leggings.

How to complete your St Patricks Day outfit | Pretty Green Accessories

Whether you want to go for a head to toe monochromatic green outfit or just add an on trend green bag, shoes or sunglasses, these are some of the most fashion forward options to pair with your green beer. As well as some fun themed ones. Green is still a trending color this year so you can wear them on repeat not just on March 17th.


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