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18 best denim on denim outfits | How to style this fashion trend

18 best denim on denim outfits | How to style this fashion trend

denim on denim outfit trend womens fashion

Double denim is the controversial trend I’m actually loving. Here’s the best pieces & 18 ways to style denim on denim outfits

Denim on denim AKA double denim is a massive fashion trend for 2023 but the stylists are torn. Is it ok or is it a faux pas? How do you style denim on denim outfits besides as a Canadian Tux or basic denim jacket outfit. I’ve rocked this look a few times in the past. Starting back when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were rocking this look back in the early 2000s and am looking forward to trying the updated versions of it this year. I’ve been scrolling through runway looks, fashion editor picks and the street style stars outfits to come up with the most on trend and best ways to style denim this year and some of the cutest pieces to create them with. Whether you’re a fashion risk-taker or playing it safe, there’s so many different ways to wear this trend to make it work for you. If you like denim that is!

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denim on denim outfit fashion blogger jeans jacket
Double denim look with matching denim shades.

Is it ok to wear denim on denim? Fashion trend or fashion faux pas

There’s some controversy on whether it’s ok to wear double denim or not. I feel like it’s more about how you’re styling your head to toe jean outfit and where you’re planning on wearing it to than anything else. Black tie dinner, probably not, cute lunch date, I say Yes!

denim blue matching sets jeans crop blazer

One of the good things about this trend is that most of us already have this wardrobe staple in our closet.

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There are some fashion equations that just make sense. Pairing denim with more denim is an easy way to take the utilitarian classic into trend territory, or even create an elevated look to wear to work. 

copy dua lipas outfit denim bustier denim pants
Outfit Idea: Denim handbag, jeans and bustier

A mode of dress in which a denim top (jacket, shirt, etc.) and a denim bottom are worn at the same time, often regarded as a fashion faux pas


How to not wear double denim

There’s also the debate on whether the outfit should be monochromatic and the washes match or if they should contrast e.g black and blue. Some people say the same washes make it look too matchy matchy but personally I love a monochromatic look.

Fashion rules are made to be broken and that’s how new looks and trends evolve. So forget the rules with this trend and wear what makes you feel good. Wearing anything with confidence looks better than something that supposedly follows the rules.

double denim outfit bustier jeans womens fashion
Photo Revolve

How to style denim on denim outfits

These fashion forward ways to wear double denim or head to toe denim are the most stylish ways to wear this trend this season that go beyond the Texan Tux:

  1. Head to toe denim including coordinating accessories like denim shoes.
  2. Straight or skinny jeans under long belted denim jacket outfits.
  3. Denim bustiers or corsets with jeans.
  4. Oversized jackets with fitted jeans.
  5. Tucked in button down shirts with wide leg jeans.
  6. Monochrome matching washes for coordinated chic.
  7. Denim duster, crop top & jeans.
  8. Unbuttoned denim shirt, white tee or tank and jeans.
  9. Take style inspo from Gigi Hadid with a denim jacket, matching jeans, graphic tee and heels.
  10. A denim top and belted jeans a la Nawal El Zoghby.
  11. Summer style inspo: Denim shirt, jeans and slides.
  12. Denim maxi skirt with cropped denim jacket.
  13. Keep it simple in a denim jumpsuit or romper.
  14. Copy Bella Hadid’s denim or denim on denim outfit: jean corset, jacket and jeans.
  15. For the brave, denim bralette, bag & midi skirt as seen at Givenchy.
  16. A denim dress is one of the easiest ways to wear the denim-on-denim look.
  17. For summer try a monochromatic white look with a white denim jacket or bralette & matching shorts.
  18. Experiment with different shades of denim for a less patchy matchy look.

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18 denim on denim outfit ideas for 2023

Denim on denim AKA double denim outfits are one of the biggest fashion trends for 2023. We’re not talking the Canadian Tux but fresh ways to wear head to toe denim outfits for 2023 for all 4 seasons.

Here’s 18 women’s denim on denim outfit ideas from casual to dressier styles to rock this fashion trend and to take you through Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

How to ease into the double denim outfit trend

If head to toe denim’s too much for you or it’s your first time trying this trend you can always try these tips to break up or ease into the trend:

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  • Add a contrasting color bag and shoes rather than being completely head to toe.
  • Leave your denim shirt or jacket open and wear a different color tank, bralette or sports bra to break up the look.
  • Add statement jewelry like gold chain bracelets and necklaces to elevate your look.
  • For this particular trend and to avoid being too Canadian or Texan Tux, avoid fringe jackets, western belts, cowboy hats or cowboy boots. Again, rules are made to be broken so take this advice with a pinch of salt and you do you.
  • I’d also avoid plaid shirts under jean and denim jacket outfits to keep it more fashion and less country.
  • Darker shades tend to be more flattering than lighter washes.
double denim womens outfit idea bodysuit jeans
Photo FWRD

This denim effect bodysuit is 100% cotton and softer than regular denim. It has such an unusual neckline and would look just as good with white jeans, pants or shorts as with matching jeans. It’s also on sale!

designer double denim outfit cropped blazer mini jean skirt
Photo FWRD

This cropped jean jacket outfit has the most stunning, iconic gold buttons that Balmain’s known for. There’s 2 different skirt options to go with this blazer and they’re all on sale. You know I love a good sale!

sexy denim outfit dress knee high boots
Photo FWRD

If you’re looking for a sexier denim outfit that doesn’t involve jeans, this dress is super cute. Style it with denim knee high boots for extra style points. These ones are crystal encrusted which checks off another major 2023 fashion trend.

My top picks for the pieces to create your double denim outfits with

The most stylish denim shirts, bustiers, jackets, pants, dresses and rompers to create either contrasting or monochromatic denim on denim outfits this year. I have a couple of denim pieces on order so I’ll update this post with more photos once they arrive.

Complete your head to toe denim outfit

The denim handbags, shoes and boots trending now to complete your head to toe denim outfit. Don’t leave your denim knee high boots in the back of your closet for Spring, keep them on repeat with denim dresses and jean shorts.

denim outfit womens fashion blogger street
Denim romper with contrasting accessories


For fashion and outfit ideas, sale alerts and BTS stories.

More ways to try the denim trend this year

From shorts to jackets and celeb style, here’s some of the looks I’m loving right now.

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