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Best Fashion Blogs to Follow 2021 | Inspiration & Style

Best Fashion Blogs to Follow 2021 | Inspiration & Style

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Find the best fashion blog for you.
The best fashion blogs and bloggers to follow whatever your style

Fashion blogs are still continuing to pop up, with new style stars, fashionistas, fashion influencers and people of all ages sharing their love of fashion and style. More fashion bloggers means there’s more chance to find a style blog that resonates with you. Not all personal style sites are created equal but these ones stand out as being the best fashion blogs 2021 for their quality, authenticity and always being ahead of the pack. Plus these fashion blogger instagram accounts are full of fashion inspiration.

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Which fashion blog is right for me?

There’s fashion blogs from bloggers of all ages whose style inspiration has me crushing on all of their outfits and ways they style their looks and photos. From serious and chic to fun and feminine, be prepared for some closet eye candy. Even during quarantine, they’ve inspired me to dress up and show up.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of online style inspiration and fashion influencers on Instagram and the web. So I’ve kept this list of the best fashion blogs short rather than 65 or 100. As I wanted to help narrow it down for you and save the endless scrolling but also still shout out my favorite fashion blogs and bloggers.

Read through this guide to the best fashion blogs to meet the style bloggers whose fashion blog made my top picks for the best fashion blogs of 2021. There’s lots of names you’ll recognize as well as some emerging style starts you need to know about. Scroll down for more info about each fashion blog.

13 Best fashion blogs 2021 | Meet the Style & Fashion Influencers

  1. We Wore What
  2. In the Frow
  3. Glamazon Diaries
  4. Lorna Luxe
  5. Grece Ghanem
  6. Monroe Steele
  7. Day By Tsu | xoxotsumi
  8. Fashion Jackson
  9. Camila Coelho
  10. High low luxxe
  11. Helena Bordon
  12. Mia Mia Mine
  13. Glamour and Gains

1. We Wore What | Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein’s effortless cool girl style on with a mix of structured looks to laidback casual fashion. Her hair is always enviously sleek and shiny and her We Wore What blog has everything from managing stress to fashion finds under $130, more whimsical trends like feather pieces and the obligatory fashion blogger gift guides.

Danielle created her We Wore What blog to provide daily outfit inspiration and is now a designer, CEO and author. This inspiring powerhouse does it all, and does it all beautifully!

Check out this fashion bloggers instagram for gorgeous style inspiration. Not just one of the best fashion blogs and one of the top fashion influencers 2021 but of all time.

2. British Fashion Blog | In the Frow

I’ve been following the British fashion influencer Victoria aka @inthefrow for ages on Instagram, before I even discovered her blog. She has a PHD in fashion, a bese selling fashion book and ambassadorships with major brands like Dyson and Balenciaga.

Victoria has such beautiful classic style and the most creative reels that have definitely inspired other creators and fashion blogger instagram reels. Plus her dog’s super cute.

I’ve discovered some new brands thanks to her on In The Frow that I love such as Holland Cooper. It’s great to find style blogs that don’t just all promote the same online stores. From this list, if I had to pick just one, this would be my best fashion blog pick as her style is my favorite: luxury, feminine, elegant and classy.

3. Glamazon Diaries

Makeda is a Brooklyn based blogger who makes fashion glamorous and fabulous. She’s so chic and vibrant, I could scroll through her feed all day. If you’re looking for sassy, feminine style, this is one of the best fashion blogs for you and she’s your girl.

She started her blog Glamazon Diaries in 2007, she’s one of the OG’s and still has one of the best fashion blogs in 2021. Her Glamazon Diaries blog style statement is that it:

…encourages and inspires the modern woman, with a feminine, contemporary and adventurous point of view.


4. Lorna Luxe

Lorna’s probably one of the first fashion bloggers and influencers I started following and still has one of the best fashion blogs in my opinion. She used to go to the hairdressers my niece works at back in the day and it was my niece that recommended her to follow.

Why follow Lorna Luxe? She’s incredibly down to Earth, authentic, sweet and answers all of her messages and comments. Her kindness just radiates and her styles are always super wearable with a mix of high street and designer brands. She also has great interior design taste, her own clothing line collaboration with In The Style, a love of rosé wine, travel, and a super cute dog. Oh…and she does lots of Instagram giveaways and charity sales.

Her blog LornaLuxe is where she shares her life and savvy style inspiration as well as on this fashion blogger instagram feed. Lorna’s also one of the top fashion influencers 2021.

5. Grece Ghanem

Grece Ghanem is an ageless style icon. Think chic, classic, stunningly styled looks in various colors and fabric. Plus some cute kittens and beautiful shoes to round up her gorgeous Instagram feed.

Ok, so Grece doesn’t have a fashion blog but as one of the top fashion influencers I couldn’t not include this style icon in this post so I’m counting her Instagram as her style blog. She’s feisty, fearless, elegant and rocks her grey bob and sunglasses.

Many of her looks are luxury fashion but if that’s not in your budget, you can easily take inspiration from her looks and make them your own for less. Plus, she’s not about flaunting the brands but about showing how to style items and rewear and repurpose what you already have.

 “But in the end it’s you and not the clothes that matter. When you acknowledge yourself, everyone will see you.”

Grece Ghanem

6. Fashion Steele NYC

You probably know this fashion influencer from Instagram but she also has one of the best fashion blogs in 2021. Think sleek buns, red lipstick and everything for the modern day woman. Monroe styles loungewear to look upscale and has a love of Chanel I can more than relate to.

Monroe launched her fashion blog Fashion Steele in 2010 as a creative outlet for her thrift fashions. It’s one of the best fashion blogs if you’re looking for stylish, easy to wear women’s fashion.

You can tell she’s had a lot of success with her Fashion Steele NYC blog since then by the additions of so many designer brands incorporated into her looks. What you can expect on this blog that always get listed in the best fashion blogs: video fashion hauls, travel vlogs and YouTube tutorials.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Monroe Steele (@monroesteele)

7. Day By Tsu | xoxotsumi

Tsutsumi Hoang’s skin is flawless as is her style I love her glowing makeup, winged eyeliner and soft style. She pays a lot of attention to jewelry, so if statement accessories and sparkly earrings are your style, Tsu’s your girl. Her Day By Tsu blogs primary focus is fashion, beauty, and what she categorizes as ‘small talk’ where she writes ‘diary style’ blog posts.

Check out this fashion bloggers instagram:

8. Fashion Jackson

Amy Jackson’s more of your traditional, everyday style fashion blogger. With low key everyday looks that are super wearable and effortlessly stylish and put together. Think jeans, scarves, trench coats, simple tops and statement black sunglasses with a structured bag of the moment. Expect lots of neutrals, coffee runs, and Chanel bags on Fashion Jacksons blog and instagram.

Her blog fashionjackson is both a fashion blog and lifestyle blog that most of us women can relate to. Stylish, effortless chic that makes me want to throw on some cute jeans and killer heels and go grab some coffee.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Amy Jackson // Fashion Jackson (@fashion_jackson)

9. Fashion Blogger With a Cause |Camila Coelho

With over 8.9M followers on Instagram, I know you know this name. This gorgeous woman also has her own clothing line thats on Revolve.

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Besides on trend fashion, this style setter also covers a lot of lust worthy travel on her blog camilacoehlo. As well as unboxing hauls, makeup and skincare, another reason to follow Camila Coelho is her philanthropic side. She’s an ambassador and board member of the Epilepsy Foundation of America which won me over and put her on this best fashion blogs list.

10. High Low Luxxe

This fashion bloggers mission is to make style attainable. I tend to be very much on the same wavelength as Jenee and love to mix both high street and luxury brands. It’s about finding the balance of what’s attainable for you personally. I think a lot of our shopping styles are high low luxxe as she dubs it.

Her blog High Low Luxxe covers fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, and home decor and makes a lot of the best fashion blogs lists. Her instagram is much the same, with a mix of all of those and what feels like a peek into her everyday life.

11. Helena Bordon

I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered Helena Bordon. I think we all end up following the same people as our friends so it’s nice to find fresh faces and new style inspiration.

Helena’s Instagram feed is full of colorful photos, exotic locations, flowy dresses, and adorable couple shots with her man. They’re refreshingly real. She’s also the Co-Founder and CEO of HELA beauty which is cruelty-free and thesocietynyc managment company. Besides fashion and business, there’s lots of stunning, flawless skin, beauty shots too.

I got so lost in her feed, I almost forgot this is about the best fashion blogs! Her fashion blog and website Helena Bordon is in Brazilian and full of high end, editorial style photography and laid back fashion.

12. Mia Mia Mine

Maria’s one of my latest Instagram and best fashion blog favorites. I love the high contrast in her photos and relatable everyday style. This gorgeous woman has the best lighting and compositions and makes the simplest outfits look stylish and polished. Maria creates a really seasonal and stunning feed on miamiamine. Plus her handbag collection is to die for and if there’s a sale on, she’ll share it on her stories and blog miamiamine where there’s lots more styling tips and product reviews.

Her color palette is pretty neutral, with lots of black, white, brown and grey with the occasional pop of red. Her jacket collection and slim toned arms are total goals.

This photo’s different for her but I chose it because of that. It’s not your normal influencer photo but more high fashion and I’m off to shop this coat. However impractical, it’s too beautiful not to.

Emerging Fashion Blogs and Best Fashion Blogger Instagrams

I’m going to keep editing this ‘Best Fashion Blogs’ guide with updates of any new blogs or recommendations I might have missed and agree they need adding. I didn’t talk about Glamour & Gains, because you’re already here and I love you for it and your support.

If you’re new Hello! Please follow my instagram @glamourandgains and if you enjoyed this blog, please subscribe to my blog so that you never miss a post.

Let me know which one of these bloggers and fashion influencers resonates with you most in the comments below. If I’ve missed your favorite, message me on Instagram with your best fashion blogs and fashion influencers 2021 suggestions so I can review your fashion blog recommendation(s).

If you’re wondering how to start a fashion blog it’s never too late. Follow your passion.

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