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Hermes Picotin Lock bag complete guide & review

Hermes Picotin Lock bag complete guide & review

hermes picotin bag review

Last Updated on September 17, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Is the Hermès Picotin bag worth it? Sizing, pricing, styling and care tips

Hermès Picotin lock bag, like many of Hermès pieces, is a nod to the equestrian world. It first appeared in the collections in 1992 with the edition of the Kelly lock in 2002 which is where the Hermès Picotin Lock bag gets it’s name. The understated bucket shape is inspired by feeder bags used to contain oats given to horses and the French name refers to the measure of oats that are fed to horses. If you want a classic style but prefer a more relaxed look and lower price point to the Kelly or Birkin the elegant Picotin bucket style bag is a great option that still features the iconic padlock. Because of the lower price point, this tote bag is a great way to experience Hermes or start your Hermes collection. While still getting the artisan craftsmanship and quality of leather as their more expensive styles.

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hermès picotin lock bag 26 leather

What sizes does the Hermès Picotin lock bag come in

The Hermes Picotin Lock bag comes in a few different models and 4 sizes:

  • Micro 14
  • 18
  • 22
  • 26

The style number refers to the bag size in centimetres. For example this 26 is L 26 x H 26 x D 22 cm or Base: 10″ x H 10″ x 8.50″.

The 18 and 22 are the most common, whereas the Mirco Picotin 14 and 26 aren’t always available.

What materials does the Hermes Picotin bag come in

Picotin lock Bucket bags come in various leathers and materials but most commonly Taurillon Clemence (pictured), Taurillon Maurice and Epsom leather. Although they do also come in canvas (Picotin Cargo) and other special edition leathers and materials.

The Taurillon Clemence is semi-matt, irregular flat grain, durable and pretty resistant to scratches. It’s a soft leather which lends itself well to this slouchy shape and will become even more supple with use over time.

For a durable leather, it feels surprisingly soft. All of the insides of the Hermes Picotin bags are unlined leather with no interior pockets.

Hermes Picotin Lock bag 26 grained leather

This particular style is the Hermes Sac Picotin 26 made of Taurillon Clemence leather in the color orange poppy with palladium hardware with the Hermès stamp at the bottom. It also has stud feet to help prevent getting scratches on the bottom.

Colorwise, there’s lots of options. You can never go wrong with a neutral like noir (black leather), biscuit (tan) or nata (cream). It’s also fun to play around with colors like jaune de naples (yellow), cypress green, mauve (pink), red, gold or blue jean to make it more of a statement bag.

There’s also a lucky daisy pattern for those who prefer a print. Most of the colorways come with the option of both silver or gold hardware.

What makes the Hermes Picotin bag so special

The Hermes Picotin bag is easy to spot from the bucket shape design, leather top handles, thin cross over strap and most obviously the Kelly padlock. They keys come in their own separate dust bag. The top is an open style, so beware of pick-pockets, to a matching suede interior. 

hermes picotin lock bag signature kelly padlock

Is the Hermès Picotin bag worth it

I tend to say pretty much the same thing in all of my reviews that it comes down to budget and how much you’ll use it. However, it’s an excellent choice for a relaxed style Hermès bag for everyday. It’s also a classic style that’s stood the test of time for over 20 years.

If you don’t like unstructured styles, prefer shoulder bags, more logoed styles, flap bags or zipper fastenings this style’s probably not for you. It’s also probably not one I’d use in a crowded city, just because it is easy to dip into.

Hermès Picotin price

The Hermès Picotin bag often gets called an entry-level bag as it’s a much more affordable option than a Kelly or birkin bag but still with the same quality and signature kelly lock.

The prices vary by size but start at around $2875 for the 18 and go up to $3500 for the 26 at the time of writing this. However, you can expect to pay more for special editions like the micro picotin lock 14.

hermes picotin lock bag guide

How to care for your Hermès Picotin bag

When it comes to caring for Hermes leather bags, Hermès leather is “full grain” which helps to ensure that the leather is durable and ages well over time. The specific grained leather that Hermes uses for the Picotin shows the leathers natural wrinkles and veins more than smooth leather but also disguises scratches.

Obviously with use, different areas are going to wear more than others. For example, where it rubs against your skin or clothes, is set down on surfaces or where you hold it in the crook of your arm. This is called a ‘patina’ and each Hermes bag will wear in it’s own unique way over time making it special to you. It’s hard to avoid, so embrace it instead as this is a bag designed to be used.

Because the leather is sensitive to water, heat, direct sunlight, excess humidity or dryness, try to avoid getting them wet. They come with a dustbag so try to store them in their dust bags out of direct sunlight.

If they do come in contact with water, Hermes recommends wiping it down with a soft cloth. Otherwise stains or bubbles can form-eek!

hermes picotin bag leather female luxury fashion blogger

More care tips

Obviously try to avoid lipstick, perfume and pen stains by keeping them and other personal items in makeup bags or investing in a bag liner. I’ve linked a few below which not only help to protect against spills but also help to give it shape. If you go for a pale leather be careful with dark wash jeans that can rub off and discolor your bag.

I know this is a slouchy bag but you still want to avoid overstuffing it to avoid stretching out the handles or misshaping the bag.

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Now when it comes to the hardware, you’ll also want to take care of the Kelly lock hardware too to avoid it tarnishing. Hermès metal parts like the iconic locks, buckles or clasps can come in a variety of metals like brass, stainless steel, or aluminium, which are gold, palladium or permabrass plated which is:

an exceptionally thick plating that is an Hermès signature.


If you do get marks or stains, its not worth trying to clean it yourself. Leave it in the safer hands of Hermès Artisans to do any repairs or cleaning.

How to style Hermès Picotin bags

The beauty of this style is how versatile it is. The less structured, informal style makes it a great everyday bag for work or play. It doesn’t have a shoulder strap but you can also attach leather straps or a twilly to the double leather handles to turn it into shoulder bag.

To create a cohesive look and tie colors together, you can always tie different color twillys on your bag to match your your outfit. I’ve always loved matching shoes and handbags and because the Hermès Oran sandals are from the same brand it’s easier to match the colors exactly.

Hermes Picotin bag 26 leather orange

Where to shop for authentic Hermès Picotin bags

The best place is from Hermès boutiques but failing that both Farfetch and Fashionphile have some giftable condition styles including limited edition styles. You can favorite pieces on Fashionphile to get notifications when there a price drops but then you’re taking the risk of it selling out.

Wherever you decide to buy your designer handbags from make sure they come with a lifetime authenticity guarantee to ensure you’re not being sold a fake.

Hermès Picotin review

Hermes Picotin lock bag unboxing and complete review. I hope this helps you find the perfect size, color and style for you.


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