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Norma Kamali dress review & the infamous Diana dress & gown

Norma Kamali dress review & the infamous Diana dress & gown

norma kamali diana dress blue one shoulder

Last Updated on September 17, 2023 by Eve Dawes

Norma Kamali Diana dresses and gowns are the flattering dress you’ve on screen and stylists, here’s what you need to know & how to find the best style for you.

Norma Kamali dresses came onto my radar when I was doing my And Just Like That Season 1 edit. I was finding and linking to all of my favorite pieces from the show and the one shoulder blue dress Carrie Bradshaw was wearing in Season 1 Episode 7 happened to be the Norma Kamali Diana dress. It was the first time I’d heard of the New York based brand and it was love at first sight. I loved the elegant simplicity, flattering cut and just like that it ended up in my wardrobe and it wasn’t the last! Since you’ve been asking me about them on YouTube I figured it was time to do a Norma Kamali dress review. So here’s everything you need to know about the Norma Kamali Diana gowns and dresses she’s famous for, along with some stunning jumpsuits to check out this season.

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Norma Kamali Diana Dress blue midi

Who is Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali is a female fashion designer who started back in 1974 with retro beachwear collections which have got sexier over the years. Before expanding into dresses, jumpsuits and other wardrobe essentials.

Her lines are elegant and colorful, timeless yet fashionable and flattering ruching an integral part of many of her designs. The price points are pretty reasonable too and I’ve always been impressed by the quality of the fabrication and material.

norma kamali diana dress review pink gown
Norma Kamali Diana dress pink gown

Norma Kamali Diana Dress review

I’ve you’re debating on whether or not to get the Norma Kamali Diana dress watch this first for sizing and length tips.

What’s the difference between the Norma Kamali Diana dress and gown

Norma Kamali dress try on haul of both the Norma Kamali Diana dress and Norma Kamali Diana gown. How much difference in length is there? Does it work as a petite dress?

Here’s what you need to know before deciding between the 2 lengths of this flattering, ruched, one shoulder midi and maxi dress you’ve seen everywhere.

The Norma Kamali Diana dress comes in a few lengths: short, midi and gown length. The length they hit depends on how tall you are. I find the Norma Kamali dress asymmetrical hem hits mid calf to the bottom of my calf versus being just below the knee on the model.

The Norma Kamali Diana gown hits my ankles versus just above the models ankles. See comparison photos below. I’m wearing the Norma Kamali Diana gown in an XS in orchid pink. I thought you might be able to play around with the ruching to change the length a little but the weight of the fully lined dress holds it down.

I also find the neckline comes up a lot higher than on the model, however much I try to pull it down. So it’s definitely a modest style.

I find both the Norma Kamali Diana dress and gown run true to size. However, the gown is a lot harder to get on as there’s a lot of material to wiggle your legs through.

All lengths of the Norma Kamali Diana dress have a built in bodysuit which also holds it in place. People seem torn whether to love or hate that part of the design. Some people have tailors cut it out so that there’s no VPL and to make going to the bathroom easier. Others love it for holding the dress in place. It doesn’t really bother me one way or the other so I’ve left mine intact.

PS: You don’t need to take off the dress to go to the bathroom, just move the bodysuit.

Do Norma Kamali clothes run true to size

So far, I’ve found that her dresses run true to size. At least in the Diana dress and gown I’m wearing an XS in both of them which is my normal size.

Are Norma Kamali dresses worth it

Norma Kamali dresses cost around $120-300 depending on the length and material. I find them pretty good value for money based on their quality.

Shop the best of Norma Kamali

These are some of Revolve and FWRD’s best sellers right now and the styles on my ever expanding wishlist. They tend to carry the most extensive range of clothes from this designer and there’s a few pieces on sale right now too.

norma kamali gown blue halter

Norma Kamali Gown

This streamline halter gown is so flattering on the shoulders and it’s great value for under $150. Minimalistic dresses like these are right on trend for 2023 and a classic that you can wear for more than one season with both flat sandals or heels.

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Photo FWRD.

Pink Norma Kamali Dress

With Barbiecore fashion trending this sexy off the shoulder ruched Walter mini dress in the prettiest shade of pink is perfect.

norma kamali gown red satin backless

Sexy Red Norma Kamali Gown

They don’t get much sexier than this slinky red satin gown. This timeless style would be stunning for black tie events and Christmas parties.

Norma Kamali Jumpsuit

How beautifully cut is this belted powder blue jumpsuit. It’s one of those outfits that’s easy to dress up with heels or down with flats for traveling in comfort or for everyday.

I’d totally wear it for a chic office outfit then pop on some killer heels and maybe even swap out the belt for my Valentino belt the evening.

Shop Norma Kamali dresses and gowns

These are some of the best selling Norma Kamali dresses and gowns in all lengths and colors. Including some sale finds as you know I love a good sale.


If you have any questions I didn’t answer in this Norma Kamali dress review, feel free to DM me on Instagram so that I can add the answer here.

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