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How to wear designer belts | 18 ways to instantly elevate your look

How to wear designer belts | 18 ways to instantly elevate your look

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Last Updated on April 16, 2023 by Eve Dawes

We all have belts in our closets but how to get the most wear from them is another matter. Here’s 18 fresh ways to wear belts from Summer to Winter.

How to wear designer belts from wide belts, chain belts, skinny belts and everything in between to get the most wear from all of your belts. Belts can instantly add a touch of sophistication or personality and help to pull an outfit together. Whether you use them to add structure and define your waist, tie colors together, add a pop of color or to add a luxe touch with a designer belt. Logo belts like Valentino, Givenchy and Chanel as well as non logo belts all work for these looks. This reversible women’s Valentino belt is the latest addition to my belt collection so time to put it to work and share some styling inspiration for how to wear a Valentino belt.

valentino belt reversible skinny ivory tan leather
Skinny womens Valentino belt reversible white and tan belt on sale. Use code RF-220X-D9218D at the checkout to be entered to win $500

I have so many belts, I think I got it from my Mum whose always used them to elevate any outfit and create shape. They’re one of those items I often forget about as I have them in a drawer organizer but after my latest reversible Valentino belt purchase I’m determined to wear them more.

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how style designer belts womens fashion

18 ways to wear designer belts

If you’ve been wondering how to wear a designer belt besides just with your jeans keep reading. Get more wear out of your belts and elevate any look with these 18 ways to wear belts:

  1. Belted jeans is probably the number 1 way to wear a belt.
  2. Add a blazer for a more chic and smarter look.
  3. Belt a blazer over jeans. A skinny belt can cinch in the waist for a more tailored and feminine silhouette.
  4. Belt a summer mini dress to define your waist & create a more structured look.
  5. Style them with midi dresses
  6. Add to floaty maxi dresses.
  7. Belt jean shorts with a designer belt for a more luxe look.
  8. Style a shorts and blazer set with your favorite belt.
  9. Belt a blazer dress with pumps
  10. Belt your jumpsuits,
  11. Wear a belt with your romper to change the aesthetic.
  12. Belt high-waisted bottoms to accentuate the waist and add interest.
  13. Belted wide leg pants outfits are always a classic belt outfit to try.
  14. Instead of belting your jeans, fasten your belt over a white shirt.
  15. Belt a cardigan to give it shape.
  16. Add a belt to your cardigan dresses for instant shape.
  17. Wear your cardigan open and belt it over a fitted bodycon or sheath dress.
  18. Swap your coats belt or add one to single, double breasted or trench coats.

Belted blazer outfit

If you’ve been wanting to figure out some outfit ideas for how to wear your Valentino belt with something besides just pants, I love belting blazers. Using a designer belt gives the outfit shape and adds a luxe touch.

how wear designer belt womens fashion style tips
Women’s reversible Valentino Belt Italist

Casual belt outfit

Elevate and add interest to jean shorts with any belt that fits the belt loops.

how wear valentino belt outfit inspiration jean shorts bodysuit
Reversible Valentino belt skinny white and nude leather belt (gifted). Use code RF-220X-D9218D at the checkout to be entered to win $500.

Belted romper outfit

Wearing a belt with your romper helps to create a smarter look and can change the entire look from casual eg with a rope belt and slides to chic with a gold chain Chanel belt and heels.

chanel gold chain belt white romper bubble hem

Jumpsuit + designer belt outfit

Is an easy way to create a waistline. Have fun with this for special occasions by adding a sparkly crystal belt or gold chain belt.

how wear designer belt womens fashion blogger outfit

How to wear a designer belt to tie in other parts of your outfit

This dress is already fitted but the belt adds interest and ties in the gold accents on the heels.

chanel belt womens chain pink tweed dress

Classic ways to wear designer belts

A blazer, jeans, pumps and belt is probably the most predictable but classic and stylish ways to wear your belts. I haven’t been wearing jeans a lot recently which is why my belts have been on hiatus but I’m bringing them back out.

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Chanel belt jeans blazer outfit fashion blogger Eve Dawes

Smart casual ways to style designer belts

Belts don’t just have to be for keeping your jeans and pants up. Use them to add interest, tie colors together or add personality to an outfit. Plus wide leg pants are still very much in style.

best wide leg pants trousers womens fashion

Top tips for how to wear designer belts:

Some tips to remember when shopping for and wearing belts:

  • Remember keep your belt in proportion to your body size.
  • Try to avoid wearing it too tight or loose for a more flattering look.
  • Experiment with different colors, patterns & textures to create a unique look that complements your personal style.

Shop the best designer belts & luxe for less styles to create these looks

From skinny to wide designer belts, reversible belts and chain belts, these are some of the most popular and coveted women’s belts. If you’re not near a Chanel store, since they can’t be bought from the online Chanel boutique you can get pre loved Chanel belts here, some of them are in giftable condition.


More belt styling tips

From more ways to wear a designer belt (or non logo style) to the whether or not to splurge on designer belts and closet essentials:

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