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Get The Best Gossip Girl Reboot Outfits

Get The Best Gossip Girl Reboot Outfits

New Gossip Girl outfits reboot fashion

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If you love Gossip Girls latest fashion & the casts outfits, here’s how to get their looks

Gossip Girl outfits and fashion were always incredible in the original series but the Gossip Girl reboot outfits have been a bit disappointing. My favorite Gossip Girl outfits in the reboot so far were all on episode 11 and 12. Mainly from Julien and Audrey as they were a little more glam and sparkly for the Christmas and NYE episodes. Although I know a lot of you will love Zoya’s cozy denim jacket with its fluffy sherpa white collar and cuffs so I’ve found some great dupes of that. As much as I haven’t been wowed by the fashion, there’s still a few Gossip Girl outfits and pieces in the reboot I’m loving that’ll work whatever your style.

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The best Gossip Girl outfits & how to copy them

There’s a lot of coats for season 1 of the new Gossip Girl since it’s set in Winter in NYC. A lot of the casts outfits are designer so I’ve found both the exact items, similar styles and more wallet friendly options for Julien, Zoya and Audrey’s outfits.

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Julien’s Best Gossip Girl Outfits

Let’s be fair, Julien probably has the best Gossip Girl outfits in the Gossip Girl reboot. As she has one of the biggest budgets for her designer wardrobe as an influencer and from her family.

Julien’s Gossip Girl outfits are pretty diverse, as are most of ours IRL. From casual comfy hoodies at home to glam sexy outfits for events.

best Gossip Girl outfits Julien

One of my favorite coats Julien wore was the grey velvet duster in Gossip Girl episode 11. As it was a little bit different but so glam and I loved the luxe velvet texture. As well as her sparkly green underwired bikini and long sleeve Fendi sequin draped dress she wears on New Years Eve in the season finale.

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Zoya’s Best Gossip Girl Outfits

Zoya’s outfits are more down to Earth, affordable and laid back than Julien’s and work perfectly in real life for everyday street wear. Her obsession with denim jackets runs through the entire series of the new Gossip Girl from pink to tan to blue denim jackets on repeat. I couldn’t share the pink one below but it’s available here.

Zoya Gossip Girl outfits denim jacket gold necklace boots plaid shirt

Best Gossip Girl Outfits | Audrey

Audrey’s style is probably the most feminine, preppy New York chic. With lots of tailored, designer pieces and cricket knits that are both trendy and classic.

Audrey Gossip Girl outfits satin midi skirt rollneck top boots pink sunglasses

Some of my favorite of Audrey’s outfits were the long black and white Gucci coat (sold out). Which was styled over a black strapless dress with a red YSL clutch and red lipstick for the Christmas gala. As well as the slouchy roll neck cream sweater with the satin midi skirt and boots she’s wearing in the new Gossip Girl reboot episode 12 and her black sequin mini dress she’s wearing right at the end. Both of which I’d totally wear.

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