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My January Shopping List | The 5 Things I’m Buying in January

My January Shopping List | The 5 Things I’m Buying in January

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January 2022 shopping list | Classics, essentials & vacation wardrobe refresh

January shopping is one of those months I use the post Christmas sales to stock up on things that have been on my favorite lists and shopping wishlists. As well as for Christmas decorations, home essentials and workout gear that need replacing. There were quite a few broken glasses over the holidays as we hosted a few times. I’m sure I’m not the only one decluttering and creating space for new additions to my wardrobe. It feels so therapeutic and cleansing to get rid of old clothes and shoes that no longer make me feel good when I wear them and create space to work with. Out with the old and in with the new for January 2022.

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If you’ve been reading the blog, you know I always think a lot before I buy and consider CPW (how much wear I’ll get out of pieces), especially on high ticket items. I’m trying to really condense my closet to pieces that bring me joy and will get worn on repeat a lot for years to come and then just shop for a few seasonal pieces to keep classic looks looking current.

So many of our lives have changed a lot over the last couple of years and our wardrobes have had to change with it. Whether that’s because of working from home, doing more video calls or starting to go back to events and needing some new glam pieces and color refresh.

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January 2022 wish list & purchases

January shopping | A classic, tailored Winter coat

One of the pieces I’ve had on my shopping wishlist and have struggled to find is a smart black winter coat. You’d think there would be lots of choices and sometimes too many choices are overwhelming but that wasn’t the issue. I really just couldn’t find anything I absolutely loved regardless of the price point. As I wanted a classic statement coat and everything was just kind of nondescript.

I ended up finding a red winter coat that checked all the boxes: tailored, long, gold buttons, classic but statement making. Red’s still one of those colors that goes with everything but is more fun on a grey day than black or grey plus bright colors are in for 2022. I had wanted white but my love of coffee and being short and not wanting rain splash marks on the hem made this a bit impractical.

Black high heel boots

I’m still on the hunt for black boots but am sharing some that are on my shortlist unless something else comes up. I want a pair that are a little unique and classic but not boring.

I like to invest in boots because they’re shoes I know I’ll get a lot of wear from and that complete an outfit, for better or for worse. They get so much mileage on them so they need to be comfortable. I also I wear them with everything from jeans to leggings to dresses so they need to be a little dressy, classic and worth the investment.

January Shopping | Classic pieces

3 wardrobe basics are a white t-shirt, black tank top and black sweater dress. I realized when I was going through my closet that I don’t own a single plain white t-shirt or black tank that would work anywhere but in the gym. I’d also just put my heel through my roll neck black sweater dress so that needed replacing.

Holland Cooper has a really good January sale and is great for everyday classic pieces that look a little more luxe than your basics normally do. I love her gold button details which make the tanks, tees and sweater dresses look a little dressier. While I’m waiting on the black roll neck sweater to ship from England I bought a black sweater dress with a matching shrug (runs big so I’d recommend sizing down) to tide me over as it was so affordable.

January 2022 sales | Shopping for vacation

The last thing I’ve been shopping for in the January sales is matching outfits for our beach vacation in May. I wanted some colorful matching shorts and long skirt sets as it’s windy more often than not in the Caribbean. I’d seen Mindy wearing a matching colorful bustier and wrap skirt set in season 2 of Emily in Paris that I loved and ordered. I’ve just had to reorder it though as it came up too small.

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Brands still can’t seem to get the UK – US sizing conversion right. I should know better than to trust websites conversions by now but since I’ve never shopped at PLT I was trying their sizing chart. Don’t! A US 0 is not a UK4. A US 00 is a UK6 and a US 0 is a UK8. Trust me on this. I’m English and although I moved to the US in ’02 I have a half American, half British brand closet as I like shopping from brands and stores like Holland Cooper, Karen Millen and Selfridges.

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January’s shopping list | Home goods

I’ve also been tasked by Mr. Dawes to replace the reindeer and sleigh that took a few tumbles this Winter with the crazy winds we’ve been having even though they were staked. So the poor reindeer’s head no longer lights up.

On the less interesting but necessary January shopping list was a spinning floor cleaner as we have grained tiles that are so difficult to clean and our steam cleaner just wasn’t cutting it.

I also finally took the plunge after 18 months of using the Peloton app with my static spin bike at home of getting an actual Peloton. Here’s my thoughts on that purchase.

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