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After Christmas Sales | 5 Best Things To Buy in The Last Sale of The Year

After Christmas Sales | 5 Best Things To Buy in The Last Sale of The Year

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What I’m shopping for in the after Christmas sales

After Christmas sales are one of the biggest sales of the year. They used to start on New Years day but are getting earlier and earlier. The after Christmas sales 2022 will probably run from December 26th – January 1st but you know some will start earlier and others run longer. Boxing Day and January sales have always been one of my favorite times to shop. I used to love going to the malls with my Mum to snap up some bargains and dresses that I’d been eyeing before Christmas.

I only discovered Black Friday when I moved to America and although these sales are pretty close together the January sales items are very different. Which is why I’m already shopping the sales for things I know that Santa won’t bring.

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To make my favorite items easy to find when the sales start, I favorite them on websites and LTK throughout the year so that I get sale alert emails when they go on sale. It also makes them easy to find again when sales are on. I also have a list of what I want to get rather than just going into the sales and looking at everything. That would do some serious damage to my bank account versus trying to save on what I actually need.

What to Buy in the After Christmas Sales 2022

These are the items in the after Christmas sales 2022 that I’m hoping to hunt down.

  1. High heel black boots (leather or suede)
  2. Holiday Decorations
  3. Winter clothes
  4. Classic black Winter coat

After Christmas Sales | Black Boots

I’m hoping to score either a pair of black knee high or over the knee boots in the after Christmas sales as both of mine need replacing (as you can see from the photo below). Classic black boots are one of those things I don’t mind spending a bit more on as I get so much wear out of them.

Mondays Dark 8th anniversary Vegas fashion blogger Eve Dawes husband

I don’t have that many everyday clothes as I work from home or in the lipstick lab in a lab coat. So I tend to splurge more on bags and shoes for when I’m going out. Also the quality tends to be better on more expensive leather goods and they last longer. Sometimes the CPW works out the same on a designer pair you wear for 10 years versus a cheap pair you only wear for a year.

Winter Clothes

I’ve already started looking as there’s lots of FW21 and SS22 clothing sales going on already. I really need some new sweater dresses as they’re so easy to throw on and go and layer with tights or leggings depending on the weather.

after christmas sales cute sweater dress pink revolve fashion blogger Eve Dawes

I’m also really into knit coord sets this season as they’re so easy to mix and match and comfy to work from home in.

How to style leggings

Some winter styling inspo with 10 ways to style the leggings you pick up in the after Christmas sales.

After Christmas Sales | Winter Coat

As much as I really want a crisp white winter coat, I also know I love coffee way too much to spend much on a white coat. So instead I’m looking for a classic long black Winter coat. Honestly though, it’s been a struggle to find one that’s not just a boring black long coat. I really want something a little different but not so different it’ll date. Whether that’s gold buttons, a faux fur collar, or cool belt. I’m not sure if I want double or single breasted, belted or not belted.

quilted jacket boots fashion blogger winter 2021 2022

It’ll probably come down to the price if I’m torn between a few in the after Christmas sales. Although I do love Mackage’s coat if it goes on sale as it has a cool leather tie belt and zip fastening which is so much faster than buttons and easier with gloves on. I also love Holland Cooper coats but I’m not able to link them in the carousel as they’re products aren’t linkable with the coding I use.

Mine’s seen better days but rather than throw it out at the end of last Winter, I hung onto it until I can find a replacement in the January sales. These are the one’s I’ve bookmarked so far plus some others that are already on sale.

Christmas decorations

One of my reindeers heads isn’t lighting up so he needs replacing. He looks a bit sad out there right now but we have 4 others so it wasn’t something we needed to rush to replace. I’m going to hold off until after Christmas and will probably end up with one from the Amazon after Christmas sales as I want to try and make sure the bulbs match the color of the other reindeer. A lot of these outdoor reindeer are already on sale.

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Other things to buy in the after Christmas sales

If you’re not looking for any of the same things that I am or Santa didn’t get you everything you wanted, there are lots of other things that are in the after Christmas sales. Gym memberships, electronics, games, seasonal home decor, calendars and TV’s all tend to get their prices slashed. If you’re into football, January’s actually a really good time to buy a TV right before the Superbowl.

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