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Skincare in Winter 11 Things You Need to Know

Skincare in Winter 11 Things You Need to Know

CEO and Educator, Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy : Nikolina Tepavac Ivanova

Winter skincare is completely different from your Summer skincare if you want to have hydrated, calm skin. These are the 11 simple skincare tips a makeup artist and educator wants you to know about Winter skin care.

Didn’t I just cover Winter skin care essentials? Yeah but no but yeah… (anyone else miss Vicky Pollard?). I’ve covered something similar before regarding changing your skincare for Winter but I like to get different experts advice on the same topic to get different ideas. As well as to stay on top of the rapidly changing skin care world.

There are always new products and devices popping up all of the time, some good, some not so good, and most of us have different favorites but with the same underlying principles e.g. SPF, exfoliation, hydration.

CEO Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy Las Vegas having makeup doneCEO Glam Sophisticated Makeup Academy Las Vegas having makeup done

Winter Skincare Podcast

After Nikolina and I played around with some Spring makeup looks for my B.F.F. (beauty, fitness and fashion) segment for Spill The Tea Live, we chatted about our skincare regimens for Winter and favorite beauty tips for glowing skin. We’re not talking expensive clinical treatments or lasers but ways to upgrade your skincare regime for Winter/Spring without downgrading your bank account!

These are the effective and simple skincare hacks we are loving this season to take us from Winter into Spring. To try and preserve our youth, keep our skin hydrated, glowing, avoid irritation and a Rudolph nose. Nikolina and I have different skin types so we both share what works for us and what doesn’t.

Winter skincare with the Pro | 11 things you need to know

10 minutes to better skin with Nikolina Ivanova: Press play

Nikolina and I sit down to talk about

  1. Facial exfoliation and peels – frequency and favorite products
  2. Oils – when and how to use them and avoiding breakouts
  3. Which skincare products to mix for optimal hydration
  4. Gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin
  5. Face masks and facials
  6. Should I invest in a Foreo UFO and Luna
  7. Tips for saving money with home facial treatments to rival a spa
  8. Eye cream
  9. Do I need SPF during Winter? Which products are good to use throughout Winter
  10. Who is Retinol good for? What percentage is the most effective? What age should you start using it?
  11. Nutrition for glowing skin

Winter skincare model flawless skin nude lipstickBeauty model flawless skin nude lipstick

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You can keep up with Nikolina here

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Tickets are limited so we can make sure everyone gets the most out of the experience rather than packing you in. Nikolina and I will be around all day and afterwards to talk more and get your input on what you’d like more and less of on the blog and podcast.

See you all in Las Vegas!

Winter skincare model glowing flawless skin and makeupBeauty model flawless skin and makeup

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