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Monos VS Away Luggage | Which is better?

Monos VS Away Luggage | Which is better?

Away luggage Monos cases review comparison travel blogger

Away and Monos make a lot of promises but do they deliver & which I my personal favorite

Monos VS Away? If you’re torn between Away luggage or Monos luggage here’s what we decided on and why. My husband and I needed new cases but were torn between these 2 brands. We read their websites and all of the reviews but they both sounded pretty much identical. I’m pretty particular about my luggage as the last thing you want is to arrive at your destination to find your case in pieces and taped together. I like to actually see, feel and use things to actually be able to tell the difference. Here’s my honest, unsponsored review and Away luggage promo code.

This Monos VS Away review and luggage comparison contains affiliate links.

Travel blogger Eve Dawes reviewing Away luggage VS Monos case medium
Monos and Away luggage side by side

Monos VS Away trial periods

Since both Away and Monos offer 100 day trials I ordered both the Away and Monos medium checked luggage case to be able to do a proper review and comparison. Scroll down to shop Monos and get the Away luggage promo code for $20 off of any away luggage.

Away luggage or Monos? Which is better?

Most blogs tell you and compare the stats and features of the Away luggage and Monos cases. What the websites and Monos and Away luggage reviews don’t tell you is how they feel, what they’re like to walk with and the key differentiators that aren’t size or related.

Away luggage pink carryon suitcase hard shell
Away luggage pink carryon case

Because when comparing monos vs away and looking at pricing, sizes and the lifetime guarantee they come with they sound pretty much identical. To be fair, there aren’t huge differences but there were a few that made one stand out from the other for me personally.

monos vs asway luggage

Away Luggage VS Monos Luggage Review & Comparison | Which is Better? + $20 OFF

I couldn’t decide between the Away Luggage or Monos Luggage checked Medium suitcases from reading the comparisons and reviews online. They both weigh, cost, and hold about the same amount and have lifetime guarantees.

So I decided to order both and do a Monos & Away luggage unboxing & comparison review of all the things the reviews & sites don’t tell you. Sometimes you need to get your hands on things to see & feel the difference.

Away luggage vs Monos luggage | The Stats

While the specs and features look pretty much identical on paper, there are a few features that are more important so some than others. Such as the vegan leather details, option to personalize your case, choice of colors and whether it expands. If these features are negotiable, it’s probably the actual testing of them that I did that will help you decide.

Away Vs Monos luggage medium case comparison chart

Inside the Away luggage and Monos medium checked cases

Both the Away medium suitcase and Monos medium case are pretty similar on the inside. The 3 main differences between monos vs away are that:

  • The Monos case (pictured in light grey) clip flap is sewn at the center vs the Away case expanding in and out. Neither are removable.
  • The Away case has a small bag inside the interior pocket you can use for laundry or shoes.
  • The Away case is expandable, giving you more interior space if you need it. I always need it!
Inside comparison Away luggage Monos cases medium checked luggage

Away luggage and Monos medium suitcases side by side comparison

Pretty much identical. The Away case just has the groves the entire length but both are exactly the same width and both have 360 spinner wheels.

Away luggage Monos medium hard shell cases side by side comparison

Away luggage vs Monos medium hardshell case height comparison

The Monos medium case is 0.5″ taller. It also has the lock combination on the side vs the Away luggage lock being on the top. I found the top handle on the Monos case easier to get my hand under to be able to pick it up. But to be fair, how often am I going to be picking it up versus pulling it except to put it in the car.

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Medium grey hardshell Away suitcase Monos checked luggage

Away luggage vs Monos Medium hardshell cases depth comparison

The Away case not expanded is 0.5″ deeper but there’s really not much in it.

Away Monos medium cases lifetime guarantee

Returns Away vs Monos | Comparison

Both Away luggage and Monos offer 100 day free trials. Both offer full refunds except for the original shipping fee if you paid for shipping. Away offers free return shipping if you’re in an area they offer free shipping. Monos charges for return shipping which is quite a big deciding factor since shipping large items can be expensive. As some shipping companies like UPS and Fedex charge dimensional weight.

Away luggage return policy

It’s easy—head to our contact page, fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you with next steps. Please note that original shipping fees are non-refundable, and we only offer free returns in areas where we also offer free shipping.

Away Travel

Monos luggage return policy

Please note that returns will be at your own expense. For returns within Canada and the USA, we will be happy to arrange a label on your behalf and send you an invoice. We are unfortunately unable to create international return labels at this time, however we will provide you the required information to make your return as seamless as possible. 


Shop Monos and Away cases

I wasn’t able to link Away luggage in this carousel but you can use this Away luggage promo code link to get $20 off any Away suitcase or bag.


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