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60 best Glorious Goodwood outfits: A guide to looking fabulous

60 best Glorious Goodwood outfits: A guide to looking fabulous

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Last Updated on June 5, 2023 by Eve Dawes

What to wear to Glorious Goodwood races & L’Ormarins? The most elegant blue and white dresses & outfits to wear for best dressed

Glorious Goodwood AKA Qatar Goodwood Festival races at Goodwood racecourse, L’Ormarins King’s Plate and L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate at Kenilworth bring out all the best dressed in their blue and white dresses and outfits. Whether you’re wanting to win the L’Ormarins best dressed or are just looking for a chic outfit that meets the elegant Goodwood dress code from Ladies Day to King George Day. These are some of the most stunning and appropriate dresses and Goodwood outfits to wear to the races. Including lots of blue and white horse racing outfits that meet the Glorious Goodwood Day 4 dress code. Glorious Goodwood is held in July when the weather can be truly glorious or hit and miss. So you may want to dress in layers. Whatever you do, don’t miss this fun opportunity to dress up and show up in style in your best Glorious Goodwood outfits.

goodwood racecourse blue white outfit best dressed L'Ormarins

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My Goodwood races experience and what I’d do differently with my next Glorious Goodwood outfit

Not all things go to plan! When I went to the Qatar Goodwood Festival horse races I went with the intention of entering the L’Ormarins best dressed competition and had ordered the stunning Zimmermann Postcard dress from a rental company. However, 2 days before the races the rental store emailed and said they couldn’t fulfill the order. So I ended up going with a backup outfit I’d packed just in case. I love the outfit but I didn’t love it for Glorious Goodwood. As it was a lot plainer and structured than what I’d had in mind.

L'Ormarins best dressed blue white dress

Having done years of pageants I’m always prepared and things like this happen which is why I never travel without a backup! So I’ve had plenty of time to search for the perfect dresses for in the L’Ormarins blue and white colors since last year. These are the best I’ve come across to wear to either the Glorious Goodwood races or Kenilworth racecourse.

qatar goodwood races king george day L'Ormarins blue white dress
Just add a statement white hat or fascinator

What’s the dress code for the L’Ormarins King’s Plate and Glorious Goodwood (Qatar Goodwood Festival)

The dress code for the The L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate (LQP) Racing Festival which takes place at Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town is slightly different to the Qatar Goodwood Festival Races. L’Ormarins in Kenilworth dress code is strictly blue and white and guests are required to dress in a manner appropriate to racing. 

When it comes to Glorious Goodwood outfits, the dress code is different on each day and enclosure. The Goodwood ladies day dress code is all about the garden party look. A floaty or floral dress or an elegant top and trouser/skirt combination that is the epitomé of an elegant English Summery look.

Whereas on Day 4 ‘King George Day’ of the Qatar Goodwood Festival at Glorious Goodwood blue and white is suggested but not required. However, to enter the L’Ormarins best dressed competition you must be wearing their blue and white colors (rules below).

goodwood horse races lormarins best dressed blue dress
Blue satin dress | Photo FWRD

Why are the L’Ormarins colors blue and white

The L’Ormarins blue and white color theme was chosen because those are the racing colors of Drakenstein Stud Farm. Which is located on L’Ormarins Estate in the Groot Drakenstein mountain range in South Africa. 

blue white strapless dress l ormarins kings plate horse race
Blue and white strapless feather dress | Photo FWRD

What to wear to Goodwood races

What you wear to the Goodwood races really depends on the weather, what horse racing day you’re going and the dress code for the enclosure you’re in. As the blue and white theme only applies to Day 4 ‘King George Day’ of the Qatar Goodwood Festival at Glorious Goodwood. The rest of the time it’s just elegant garden party attire. Although for Ladies Day, the women tend to go to extra effort to look fabulous.

It’s a suggestion not a requirement for the dress code but it’s always fun to dress on theme. Glorious Goodwood is in July but we all know the British weather can be notoriously hit or miss. So I’ve included both short and long sleeve Glorious Goodwood outfit options and you can never go wrong dressing in layers.

If you’re worried about being too dressy at either Goodwood racecourse or Kenilworth especially for L’Ormarins ‘best dressed’ competition don’t. Have you seen the photos from the Kenilworth races? It’s much better to be overdressed than too casual.

goodwood festival best dressed L'Ormarins blue white dress
Blue feather dress Just add white shoes and a hat | Photo Revolve

This is the day on horse racing, a bit like Royal Ascot where more is more. Horse racing events have always been a pageant and fashion show. So use this opportunity to wear your most fabulous hat and elegant statement pieces.

The best blue and white dresses and outfits for Kenilworth or Goodwood races

Whether you’re looking for a blue and/or white dress or outfit specifically for L’Ormarins best dressed competition or just want an elegant look for the Qatar Goodwood races or L’Ormarins King’s Plate these are some of the very best styles. From designer to under $100 from stores Internationally with most offering International shipping for wherever you’re based. Since these horse races draw an International crowd.

what wear glorious goodwood racecourse blue white dress code

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I probably wouldn’t normally suggest sparkly dresses for the horse races but when it comes to the L’Ormarins best dressed previous winners have included everything from modest elegant looks to more over the top looks. It all comes down to the judges so wear whatever dress you fall in love with and reflects your personal style the most.

I keep dreaming about the Zimmermann blue and white strapless maxi dress as my next Glorious Goodwood outfit but because of the details on the hem it’d be a nightmare to take up (I’m 5’2″ so it would drown me).

If you go for a solid blue or white dress on Day 4 of the Goodwood races, just make sure to incorporate blue or white into the rest of your outfit e.g. with your hat, bag, shoes and accessories. How you style it can make or break an outfit whether you’re planning on entering the L’Ormarins best dressed competition or just want an elegant blue and white look for the Qatar Goodwood races or L’Ormarins King’s Plate.

glorious goodwood horse races dress elegant
Elegant blue white midi dress | Photo FWRD

Glorious Goodwood races and Kenilworth L’Ormarins best dressed competition rules (Day 4 only)

All aspects of your horse racing outfit including your dress, shoes, hat and accessories which should reflect the blue and white L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate Racing Festival colour theme. You must also be wearing a hat to be considered in the competition at both Goodwood racecourse and Kenilworth. See the latest news on their website for more details.

Shop the Glorious Goodwood races L’Ormarins best dressed outfits and dresses edit

These are the best dresses and outfits I’ve seen to wear to the Glorious Goodwood races or Kenilworth. From elegant styles to over the top extravagant feather and tulle dresses. There’s an outfit for whatever your personal style and shade of blue preference. With both designer and luxe for less blue and white dresses and shoes for the best dressed competition:


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