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The Best Emily In Paris Season 2 Outfits & Where To Buy Them

The Best Emily In Paris Season 2 Outfits & Where To Buy Them

Emily in Paris season 2 outfits shop best cast looks

Last Updated on April 30, 2023 by Eve Dawes

How to dress like the cast of Emily in Paris Season 2 & give your wardrobe a retro chic update

Emily in Paris Season 2 outfits are giving me everything I’d hoped they would for fashion and style inspiration. Where ‘And Just Like That’ missed the mark for me in fashion (except for Lily’s Oscar De La Renta dress and Carries Fendi), Emily in Paris clothes stepped up and had me binge watching and wanting to go out on a major shopping spree. Thank you Marylin Fitoussi and Patricia Field. It’s not just Lily Collins AKA Emily’s outfits that are so on point, fun and fabulous this season. Camille and Mindy’s wardrobes are also seriously covetable.

This post contains affiliate links.

Retailers have made it really easy for us to shop Emily in Paris outfits as select outfits can be found online at and I’ve hunted down all the rest including Emily’s phone case and bow dress. Since Emily in Paris phone case and Emily in Paris bow dress are trending searches right now.

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Emily in Paris Outfits Season 2

The cast of Emily in Paris outfits in Season 2 offer up something for everyone. If your styles more young, bold, colorful and statement making, use Emily’s Emily in Paris clothes for wardrobe for inspiration.

If it’s more designer Parisian chic, Camilles wardrobe is checking all of those boxes. For glam, fashion forward outfits, Mindy is nailing it this season and a lot of it’s really affordable. For a totally head turning outfit, the Emily in Paris bow dress is it!

This post contains affiliate links which do not affect the price in anyway.

My Favorite Emily Outfits from Emily in Paris Season 2

I’ve always loved vintage, old Hollywood glam and the retro prints, oversized accessories and hairstyles worked into Emily’s outfits in season 2 of Emily in Paris are definitely that. From the chic chignons and Hollywood waves, to statement sunglasses, headscarves, driving gloves and her classic camera phone case.

Some of Emily’s outfits mix a little too many prints and patterns and miss the mark, bucket hat I’m talking to you, but that’s not by accident. Marylin Fitoussi and Patricia Field are legendary geniuses and I blame Field for half of my shoe and bag collection.

Emily’s wardrobe was curated that way on purpose, its part of her character. Having her become too chic would stray away from her identity and as Fitoussi says:

Too much good taste can be boring!


Whereas most of the casts wardrobe in Emily in Paris season 2 have me pulling out my credit card and planning a trip to St Tropez with the girls.

Emily’s Best Emily in Paris Outfits | Season 2 Episode by Episode

All of the best Emily in Paris clothes by episode and character.

Emily in Paris | Season 2 Episode 1

Emily is wearing a green belted 3/4 sleeve coat that’s a little retro but the most beautiful color and fit. Mango does a very similar green wool coat for under $150. There’s a lot of pink and green in Emily’s color palette this season even down to her bags.

The Isabel Marant 1 shoulder sequin mini dress she wears to see Mindy perform is so me. I absolutely love the sparkle and volume in the shoulder. The silver mid length crystal embellished coat she wears over it on the streets of Paris is also super glam and totally wearable.

My 3rd pick from episode 1 is the mint green and white strip summer dress Emily’s wearing while packing for St Tropez. It’s so light, youthful, summery and fun.

Episode 2 | Emily in Paris Clothes

Since, you know how much I love sparkly, glam styles, the Valentino purple sequin mini dress Emily wears to the party in St Tropez is everything. Now that’s a statement dress especially on that body!

Embed from Getty Images

Emily’s Iris blue Magali Pascal high low hem ruffle dress has sold out but I’ve found some similar styles that are perfect for Summer even if St Tropez isn’t on your itinerary.

I love the feminine theme of her St Tropez outfits that strike such a great balance of young and sexy but still sophisticated and on trend.

Episode 3 | Emily in Paris bow dress – How to buy it or rent it

This episode was more of a miss for me in Emily’s fashion department except for her birthday party where the fashion is exceptional from all of them. I always think berets in Paris are a little too contrived and touristy. Her clashing Aladdin style pants and tacky pink fur trimmed top were also a miss for me.

I did like the Self Portrait dress she’s wearing with the white Hermes sandals when they get caught in the downpour, I actually have it in red and it even has pockets (photo below).

Emily in Paris season 2 self portrait dress designer bag versace fashion blogger purse buying tips

Get Emily’s Hermes box sandals


The fashion highlight of Emily in Paris Season 2 Episode 3 is Emily’s 29th birthday party. I wish I’d been that stylish at 29!

You’re either going to love or hate Emily’s black and pink Rotate Birger bow accent Natalie dress. It’s one of those OTT statement dresses that you can’t miss. It’s sold out everywhere and ‘Emily in Paris bow dress’ is a trending search but you can still rent it or buy it in a different color.

The Rotate Birger dress now dubbed the Emily in Paris bow dress also comes in black, white or a pink and cream floral print.

Emily in Paris Season 2 outfit birthday dress black pink bow mini
Emily in Paris bow dress

I just did a whole blog post on bow dresses as AREA has some stunning ones and I have a closet full of them. The Emily in Paris bow dress was a little too extra for me personally and looked like it was going to fall down.

For me it was Mindy’s dress that stole the show and Camilles matching set that I’d be borrowing from their closets.

red bodycon dress giant bow back glam fashion blogger Eve Dawes
My love of bow accents on dresses continues | Shop the Bow dress edit

Emily in Paris Season 2 Episode 3

The yellow knit grocery bag Emily is carrying is actually a more affordable style for Emily. It’s the Longchamp Lemon Le Pliage Filet Knit Bag. It’s a luxe grocery bag that’s perfect for Farmers markets or a beach bag. It comes in 2 sizes : 

  • The original Large Le Pliage Filet mesh bag. Which costs $110-200 and comes in 11 colors.
  • The Newer mini Le Pliage Filet mesh bag XS which comes in 5 colors and costs around $85-$150 for limited edition colors. 
emily in paris season 2 episode 3 yellow Longchamp Le Pliage Filet Knit Bag
Longchamps bag comes in lots more colors

If you’re worried about things falling out, line it or place smaller objects inside makeup bags.

Episode 4 | Emily in Paris Dolce & Gabbana patchwork set

The Dolce & Gabbana patchwork floral and polka dot bustier crop top and shorts set she wears in the opening scene is so stunning. I’d totally wear this if it wasn’t over $2000 for the set.

I’ve found some similar Dolce & Gabbana sets to shop that are on sale, as well as the actual Dolce & Gabbana set. If you liked the yellow stud bag in this episode, Valentino does a gorgeous version of it.

Episode 5 Emily in Paris season 2 outfits

I was hoping the blue lace one shoulder outfit Emily is wearing was a top but it’s actually a dress and I couldn’t find a top anything like it but I did find the blue top handle bag (see bags below).

Episode 6 Emily in Paris Season 2 outfits | Emily

Emily’s fuchsia pink bateau neck matte satin dress is so elegant and classy. The long sleeves made it perfect for a Winter dinner or Valentines day dress.

Can we also talk about the Dior Vespa and helmet. I don’t own a scooter but if I did, I’d want that Dior Marina Ibiza helmet and Dior logo top case trunk.

The other outfit which I’m crushing over in this episode is Emily’s stripe bateau neck top which she wears with a blue floral ruffle skirt which is such an unexpected and unique way of wearing it. Although, Emily is always wearing clashing prints so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise by episode 6.

I’m going to be pulling out my Jean Paul Gaultier striped top to recreate this look but pair it with either white shorts or a plain white ruffle skirt. Add some white flats and gold and pearl hoop earrings for a look that’s totally wearable IRL.

Episode 7 Emily in Paris season 2 outfits | Emily’s red top & Balmain skirt

I didn’t use to love clashing colors but got into wearing red and pink together earlier this Fall. The off the shoulder red long sleeve top and pink tweed Balmain skirt create such a bold, fun and feminine look.

The oversized blazer trend is an easy one to pull off. Although Emily’s navy pinstripe blazer is borrowed, it’s a look that’s actually on trend and easy to pull off. For a more structured look, just add a belt.

Episode 8 Emily in Paris Season 2 outfits | Emily’s yellow dress & blazer

The yellow Self Portrait dress and matching blazer Emily wears to visit Champere in Champagne is such a fun and well coordinated monochromatic outfit, even down to her yellow slingback heels.

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Episode 9 Emily in Paris Season 2 outfits | The yellow beret

Another yellow themed Emily in Paris episode with Emily wearing a yellow beret, yellow driving gloves and yellow Prada bag. If you want to brighten a grey day, this is the color to do it in.

My favorite outfit of Emily’s in this episode is the blue and white patterned knit vest with the red check skirt, wide Valentino belt, long white waistcoat vest, oversized pearl necklace and the cutest Roger Vivier heart mini crossbody bag which is on sale. It’s chic meets fun.

Episode 10 Emily in Paris | Emily’s red tulle dress & episodes outfits

Episode 10 of Emily in Paris pulled out all the stops with every outfit knocking it out of the park fashion wise. From Emily’s pink tulle knee high boots to her denim dress and red tulle dress she wears at Versailles. This episode has the best fashion of the season.

Shop Emily in Paris Season 2 Outfits | Emily’s Looks

Emily’s best outfits from Paris to St Tropez including the highly sought after retro Emily in Paris phone case, leather driving gloves, heart print dress, bow dress, red tulle dress, black and white off the shoulder colorblock Balmain dress and yellow beret.

Because there’s so many great outfits and I’ve tried to find both the original and more affordable options I’ve split her looks into categories to make the outfit you’re looking for easier to find

Emily in Paris Season 2 dresses

Emily’s dresses in Emily in Paris season 2 are statement dresses ranging from colorful bold prints to large bow and button accents and the beautiful red tulle dress in the season finale.

Emily in Paris Skirts & Shorts

Emily has the cutest colorful mini skirts in season 2. The pink tweed Balmain skirt is pretty much sold out but I’ve found some other stylish options perfect for Spring.

Emily in Paris Season 2 | Emily’s coats, tops, belts & accessories

Emily’s blazers, coats, gloves, accessories and separates for adding a little Emily flair to your wardrobe. Including her fingerless driving gloves and matching yellow beret.

Emily in Paris | Emily’s Bags

Emily has quite the bag collection including the pearl embellished Chanel flap bag, Dolce & Gabbana patchwork bag, Prada crystal embellished bag, Christian Louboutin pink tulle bag and Salvatore Ferragamo green trifolio bag. There’s so many great ones, I decided they needed a feature of their own.


Emily in Paris Season 2 | Emily’s shoes & boots

From Louboutin shoes and boots to colorful French brands, one common theme is how colorful and fun Emily’s shoes are in season 2.

Camille Emily in Paris Outfits

I loved Camille’s outfits so much, I blogged about her outfits separately as her effortlessly cool Parisian chic style works so well in real life.

Emily in Paris Season 2 | Mindy’s outfits

Mindy played by Ashley Park has quite the eye catching wardrobe in Emily in Paris Season 2. There’s so much to love about Mindy’s style this season that I created a separate blog post for all of her looks. I’ve been shopping for a few and working them into my Spring wardrobe.

Mindy Emily in Paris outfits season 2 fashion
Mindy’s 2 piece set

Emily in Paris Season 2 hair

The hair in Emily in Paris Season 2 is stunning! If I didn’t just have my hair extensions put back in, I would be rocking Emily’s chignon. It was the way we had to style our hair in my 2nd year at Central School of Ballet. We had not just a uniform but set hairstyle too.

I’ll definitely be rocking her perfectly styled waves and breaking out my fingerless leather driving gloves instead. Hygiene, warmth and style, winning!

Camilles hair is more typical Parisian chic. That laidback slightly undone, effortless looking hair we know actually took hours to style.

Emily in Paris Makeup | Red, Pink & Nude Lipstick

I created the Emily in Paris lipstick collection during season 1 to match Emily’s red lipstick perfectly. For those of you new here, I’m the founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics and Dawes Cosmetics. So I got to mix and formulate this red lipstick from scratch until it was as exact a match as possible. Plus they’re cruelty-free and fit in your smallest mini purse.

emily in paris lipstick collection red pink nude

Emily in Paris Outfits Season 2 | Updates

I’m updating this Emily in Paris season 2 outfits post weekly with new looks and trying to find alternatives for items that have sold out already like Emily’s bow dress.

The red tulle dress in Emily in Paris Season 2 might be my favorite item of clothing of Emily’s yet. Along with the heart print vintage dress. More updates to come and I’m going to avoid sharing the plot as much as possible so I don’t spoil it for you!

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