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How to put on lipstick | 411 on Getting Perfect Lips Everytime

How to keep your lips looking their best. Read this cruelty-free beauty queens top 5 tips for keeping your lips moisturized and apply lipstick! Now on Glamour and Gains by Eve.

glam makeup golden glow red carpet blonde Eve Dawes wearing Faviana gown
Glamour Makeup Tutorial | Golden Glow Ready Carpet Ready Makeup Tutorial

Beauty Blender Beauty Queen Makeup tutorial with Mrs Nevada Eve Dawes. Quick, easy, and shimmery look because every queen likes to glow. Watch now on

natural cellulite remedies bikini model beach
How to get rid of cellulite naturally : Effective natural remedies

How to minimize and prevent cellulite naturally! It’s never too early or too late to start working on an anti-cellulite treatment. Eve Dawes WBFF Pro shares tips on how to minimize and prevent getting cellulite. Watch now on Glamour and Gains by Eve fitness and lifestyle blog!

Which is the better cruelty free sunscreen Coola or Bare Republic?

I put COOLA and Bare Republic sunscreen to the test in Vegas, Florida & St. Thomas. Choosing the right SPF skincare can be overwhelming. How did it do? Read the review on Glamour and Gains By Eve.