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What’s on my Christmas wish list 2023 | Beautiful gift ideas

What’s on my Christmas wish list 2023 | Beautiful gift ideas

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Last Updated on October 20, 2023 by Eve Dawes

The things I’ve been eyeing and have my eye on for Christmas

Christmas wish list 2023 ideas for yourself or if you need some inspiration shopping for someone else. Christmas wish lists are something my husband and I decided to do for each other years ago. As romantic as surprise gifts are, it’s also nice to actually get it right and get each other exactly what they want. We try and be a bit sneaky in how we box and wrap them so there’s still some guest work trying to remember what we put on the list and which one it is. Here’s what’s on my Christmas wish list in case you’re stuck for Christmas wish list ideas.

Christmas wish list fashion blogger Christmas tree

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Christmas is a time for us when we spoil each other and get things each other have been wanting not needing. We used to do stockings full of socks and underwear etc just so we could have Santa visit but now we’ve pivoted more towards a set budget and creating a Christmas wish list of things that add up to that total.

What’s on my Christmas wish list

Gifting seems to get harder and harder as we tend to get what we want when we want it especially if it’s something we need, on sale or selling out fast. I actually started my Christmas wish list and shopping in June this year as some of the things I had on my wishlist were going on sale or being snapped up. It’s actually quite nice as by the time Christmas comes I’ve forgotten what we got. Here’s what’s on my 2023 Christmas gifts list.

I’ll sometimes add 2 very similar products so that there’s some element of surprise. Especially if I know I’d use either just as much but can’t decide between them.

Designer Hats and Hair Accessories Under $500

Last year I had the Balmain baseball cap on my list. I have so many baseball caps but didn’t have any designer ones and knew I’d wear it a lot. I know they’re expensive but they’re so good for throwing on for the grocery store, when you’re getting a facial or the gym.

balmain baseball cap womens
Balmain baseball cap use code RF-220X-D9218D to be entered to win $500

If you’re not a hat girl, a surprising designer gift for under $100 is Balmain’s hair elastic.

Hair scarves and headbands are a more chic gift. I had the Chanel hair scarf tie scrunchie or crystal hair clip on my list previously but took it off this year as I got myself the Dior one. The black scarf will show less marks less than the white version and can also be used as a twilly or neck scarf as the scrunchie and twilly are 2 pieces.

This year I have the Prada headband on my wishlist to go with my black Prada tote bag.

Christmas wish list | Desk Accessories

You know you’re getting old when…I can’t believe I have desk accessories on my Christmas list but I spend so much time at my desk that I like it to look good. Last year there was bit of a Chanel theme. This year it’s more Dior.

cat eye Chanel sunglasses luxury christmas gifts her fashion blogger Eve Dawes Vegas
The Chanel sunglasses from last Christmas

I’ve added the blue toile de jouy desk accessories which I know will get used everyday and go with the other colors in my office.

Christmas wish list | Designer Gifts Under $100 Versace Sports Bra

A designer sports is a great gift for anyone who loves fitness or has New Years workout resolutions. Last year I had the Versace sports bra on my gift list as I found it on sale and had the matching leggings. I wear it to workout, with joggers, and instead of a bra. It’s one of those pieces that’s had a ton of wear.

christmas wish list ideas sports bra versace

This year I have the black and gold Versace longer length sports bra on my Christmas wish list for 2023. I have the matching shorts and would wear it as a set rather than to workout. I find getting new sports wear for the new year always helps to motivate me again. In with the new, out with the old.

Dior Jewelry

Dior jewelry is another designer gift for her under $1000 and since I like coordinated looks and jewelry sets it’s on my Christmas wish list this year. I have the Dior Danseuse Etoile bracelet so when we were in Dior Ibiza we shopped in advance and got me earrings and a necklace. I can’t remember the exact ones so it’ll be more fun on the day unboxing them.

Christmas wish list 2023 designer gift dior bracelet

Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask Under $100

If you’ve been reading Glamour & Gains or watching my YouTube videos for a while you know I’m always looking for anti-aging products and treatments. As well as the fact I’m a horrible sleeper. This sleep mask does it all and if it doesn’t appear on Christmas Day I’ll be ordering it myself.

This luxury silk sleep mask (hopefully means it doesn’t leave marks) has raised silicone dots that are clinically proven to increase emotional relaxation by 67%. As well as light-blocking, black material for improved sleep quality. My bedroom in England gets super light at around 4:30am in the Summer so I’m really hoping this will help!

Christmas wish list 2023 | More designer gift ideas

These are some the gifts from my Christmas wish lists from previous years that I’d recommend.

Cartier Card Holder

Double C de Cartier leather card holder black gold embossed initials

Perfect for keeping your cards and ID organized in your mini and micro handbags. Add custom engraving for a more personalized gift.

Christmas wish list Cartier Double C de Cartier leather card holder black
Shop Cartier black double C card holder

Christmas wish list fragrances | Cartier Perfume

Because we travel so much travel size perfumes are so much more convenient than full size. Especially if I’m doing carryon only. Cartier perfume sets looks so elegant and are a good way to try their fragrances. Last years is sold out but this is the new Cartier parfum gift set for 2023.

Womens Cartier fragrance gift set luxury perfume

Dior also does some lovely fragrance gift sets but if you’re looking for a cruelty-free perfume gift set check out Penhaligon’s luxury fragrance collection gifts.

Crystal Starbucks To Go Mug

My cat broke my sparkly Starbucks ceramic tumbler this year jumping into our kitchen cabinet so I’ve added it to my Christmas wish list as it was my favorite. I chose this one as it takes both hot and cold drinks. A lot of the bedazzled to go tumblers would only hold cold drinks and I’m a hot black Americano girl. I also like being able to support small businesses which is why I use Etsy quite a lot for gifts.

Bath Caddy

I’ve been wanting one of these for ages. It’s one of those little luxuries you don’t normally buy for yourself. I added 3 variations to my Christmas wish list as I knew my husband would know better than I do which would fit our bath the best. Some of these bath caddies are on sale with up to 69% off. As much as I love luxury brands I also love a sale and finding the best prices.

Sports Bras

A new sports bra always makes me feel more motivated to work out. Especially in Winter when I just want to hibernate and stay warm. Victoria’s Secret and Lorna Jane are my go to non-designer brands as they offer maximum support sports bras that don’t look matronly. I prefer the ones that zip up at the front so that they’re easy to get on and so that also nothing digs into your back sitting on lying on the workout bench.

Christmas wish list ideas sports bra fitness gifts her

Invisible nude underwear

Victoria’s Secret still makes the best nude v-string underwear as far as I’m concerned. As much as I love how lacy styles look, these are practical for no VPL and not showing under white jeans or tight dresses. They do come in other colors and lace as well but the nude and black are my everyday essential. Not many thongs have such a tiny back or as soft which is what I love about them.

Shop my Christmas wish list ideas for yourself

Christmas wish list ideas from fashion to accessories that would put a smile on anyone’s face. Useful codes:

  • Use code RF-220X-D9218D at Italist to be entered to win $500.
  • Use code GLAMOURCB at CurrentBody for 15% off.

Complete everyone else’s Christmas wish list for 2023

I’ve done more Christmas gift guides this year as I was getting lots of specific requests on Instagram. So if you’re stuck for what to buy for others or Christmas wish list ideas for yourself definitely check out the gift guides and favorite items so you get price drop alerts.


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