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Old Hollywood Glamour Meets Rock N Roll With Fashion Designer ICJUK

Old Hollywood Glamour Meets Rock N Roll With Fashion Designer ICJUK

British fashion designer ICJUK old Hollywood glamour close up Eve Dawes

Last Updated on June 28, 2022 by Eve Dawes

Exclusive Interview With British Fashion Designer Claire Jane of ICJUK

I met British rock n roll designer Claire Jane of ICJUK (Inspired by Claire Jane UK) through the British morning show ‘Spill The Tea‘. I’ve been creating beauty, fitness and fashion content for this podcast and show since it began. You know I love everything glamorous and feminine! So her very British graphic designs that she makes into wearable art and old Hollywood glamour and style inspired one of a kind bags, fascinators and accessories are so me. She designs for both women and men and her rock n roll fashion is what she’s known for and includes loyal celebrity fans like Def Leppard.

Glamour Gains fashion blogger Eve Dawes ICJUK custom fascinator

Styling Rock Stars | Rock N Roll Fashion

Claire Jane’s rock n roll fashion and designs have be seen on celebrities and rock legends like Joe Elliott of Def Leppard, Slash, Jeff Timmons and Mary Wilson.

Joe Elliott Def Leppard rock n roll fashion custom t-shirt British fashion designer ICJUK
Photo credit: Chris Vranian

Wearable Art From Rock N Roll to Old Hollywood Glamour

Claire Jane’s one of those rock n roll designers whose graphic designs and custom pieces are instantly recognizable. They range from more rock n roll to glam and elegant. She wanted to:

Create a feel of old glamorous Hollywood meets Rock ‘N Roll with a splash of decadence of Marie Antoinette

Claire Jane | ICJUK
old hollywood glamour style fashion accessories
Photo credit Emma Cohan

Old Hollywood Glamour Style | Custom Designs

All of ICJUK’s fascinators, bags and jewelry are custom and made to order. These feminine and old Hollywood glamour inspired styles are my favorite. If they’re not your style, you can have also her design pretty much whatever you want.

Old Hollywood glamour style hat accessories wearable art ICJUK
Photo credit Emma Cohan

The ICJUK Las Vegas studio

The ICJUK studio a treasure trove of everything from graphic rock n roll fashion, tees, dresses and athletic wear to swimwear and glamorous accessories. I got to explore the studio and had her share all of her insights in this interview and behind the scenes tour of ICJUK. Working with this rock n roll designer is by appointment only but you can also shop online.

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ICJUK custom old Hollywood glamour  feather bag Eve Dawes sitting red chair

More reasons to love British Rock N Roll designer ICJUK | Old Hollywood Glamour meets Rock N Roll

  1. Claire Jane sources only cruelty-free feathers.
  2. Many of the bags are reclaimed and upcycled.
  3. Her styles range from super feminine to rock n roll fashion that’s edgy and one of a kind statement pieces.
  4. She’s a tremendous ball of energy, whose passionate about designing and fashion, and fun to be around.
Eve Dawes rock n roll designer ICJUK studio Vegas cream dress British fashion designer custom bag

Breaking into fashion | Interview with British fashion designer Claire Jane

Find out how rock n roll designer Claire Jane got into fashion, what she designs and what inspires her. As well as how she creates the designs in the YouTube video below. I’m also trying on some of her favorite pieces as we chat over a cheeky drink from the bar she has in her studio. Find out more about this British fashion designer…

I don’t edit my videos a lot to keep them real and more fun, and I definitely have issues getting my words out sometimes!

Def Leppard Joe Elliott on stage rock n roll fashion t shirt ICJUK
Photo credit: Chris Vranian
British fashion rock n roll designer ICJUK feather bag luxury fashion blogger Eve Dawes


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