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Is Teeccino the best coffee alternative | What you need to know about healthy acid free coffee alternatives

Is Teeccino the best coffee alternative | What you need to know about healthy acid free coffee alternatives

Teeccino healthy coffee alternative iced

Caffeine Free Coffee Alternatives | Herbal Organic Coffee & Tea

A lot of people are looking for the best coffee alternatives as they’ve gradually started getting headaches, having difficulty sleeping and getting other side effects from drinking coffee. I love strong black coffee, I’m a 2 cups in the morning to get going kind of a girl but after midday I switch to healthy coffee alternatives as sometimes water gets boring. Teeccino chicory herbal coffee and tea was created to be a caffeine-free cappuccino that could be brewed just like coffee or tea, which is where its name comes from! Teeccino coffee and tea is also an acid free coffee alternative and a healthy alternative to coffee with lots of beneficial ingredients.

Why drink caffeine free coffee alternatives

I didn’t used to get why anyone would drink caffeine free anything as I was drinking coffee for not just the taste but the energy. However, one of my nieces can’t drink caffeine due to caffeine intolerance but loves the taste of coffee. Which makes Teeccino perfect for those wanting to decrease or rid of their caffeine intake.

I know I sleep way better when I cut caffeine out after midday. However, I also love the taste and an afternoon cuppa. Maybe it’s the English in me.

I also love a good iced coffee in the Summer rather than sweating over a hot cup. I add stevia (0 calories) for sweetness and to bring out the flavor. These herbal coffee’s are a great healthy alternative to coffee or traditional iced tea for that too.

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Teeccino healthy coffee alternative iced

What is Teeccino?

Teeccino coffee is made from roasted herbs that are organically grown in the USA, Europe, Guatemala and India and blended with fruits, nuts, herbs and spices. These ingredients are used to produce a wide variety of flavors with 3 distinctive flavor profiles. Each one’s designed for different taste preferences.

  • Mediterranean.
  • Maya.
  • Dandelion.

Dandelion sounds odd for a coffee but it’s surprisingly good.

Does Teeccino have caffeine?

No, it’s caffeine free and created to be an acid free alternative to coffee, Teeccino’s packaging says chicory herbal tea not coffee which can be confusing. It also tastes more like coffee than tea.

I’m going to start making my favorite flavor, Teeccino Dandelion Mint Mocha, iced for the Summer. I also have my eye on the Caramel Nut, Almond Amaretto & Gingerbread Chicory, I told you I had a sweet tooth. If you have a sweet tooth or want to bring out the flavor, use liquid stevia for sweetness without calories.

Where to buy Teeccino

It’s easy to get hold of on Amazon and Teeccino chicory herbal coffee comes in lots of different ways to brew and flavors. Don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like chicory, as that’s not a flavor I’m a fan of.

Teeccino healthy alternatives to coffee | Herbal teas

Teeccino coffee have also brought out roasted herbal teas. I got into herbal teas about 8 years ago when I was competing in the fitness world to help my sweet cravings. I’ve been drinking their Dandelion Turmeric Tea as I love a bit of an internal spring clean.

Don’t worry this one doesn’t have any side effects, I don’t think I need to go into further detail as to what I’m referring to. The turmeric and ginger is also a great anti-inflammatory while the dandelion helps to detoxify your body.

Every cup of Teeccino has nutritious health benefits that are naturally released during brewing. The nutrients are quick and easy to absorb as they’re suspended in liquid and digestion isn’t needed to remove them from fiber. It may not have caffeine but thankfully the ingredients still provide an energy boost but in a steady way and minus the crash.

Beneficial Ingredients for your health

Teeccino chicory herbal coffee uses ingredients like the following to make it make this a healthier choice than non-organic coffee.

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  • Carob pods which lowers insulin resistance
  • Chicory root for probiotics which helps maintain balanced blood sugar (but doesn’t taste like camp coffee!).
  • Potassium, an essential electrolyte mineral, and soluble fiber which helps to reduce cholesterol and slow the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars.
  • Teeccino tea is also acid free.
Teeccino’s organic coffee prebiotics benefits healthy alternative coffee acid free coffee

Best coffee alternative | Acid free coffee alternative

We’ve all seen alkaline diets and acid testing strips as our diets are typically too acidic as we eat too few alkaline foods. Millions of people take prescription drugs daily to reduce acidity while still drinking caffeinated beverages. Unfortunately, these aggravate acid reflux, IBS and other inflammatory digestive conditions.

We’re committed to producing nutritious, organic products that help people build optimal health and enjoy a natural, abundant energy supply by following a healthy lifestyle.


How does Teeccino acid free coffee alternative compare to coffee?

Herbal tea is different to my thoughts on organic coffee which although it isn’t caffeine free has lots of environmental and health benefits. I love it just as much as my other herbal tea bags. However, since the potassium level is higher in Teeccino I’m happy to make the switch. Especially if they keep bringing out new flavors like they have been.

It’s not cheap but teas and coffees made with conscientious processing and superior ingredients never are.

Share your opinion

What’s your experience been with herbal teas, coffee alternatives, acid free coffee and organic coffee? What made you make the switch? Which brand do you think makes the best coffee alternative? Message me on social media and let me know.


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