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Clean Beauty Products | Essentials You Should Know

Clean Beauty Products | Essentials You Should Know

clean beauty expert Ruchita

Clean Beauty Products.
The Skincare Must Haves & 3 P’s of Sustainable Eco-conscious Skincare

Clean beauty products can be overwhelming. What is clean beauty? Which clean beauty products do you actually need? I spoke with Glow N Green beauty blogger to get realistic answers that don’t mean clearing out our entire medicine cabinet! Let’s strip it back to the daily natural skincare essentials!

Before I jump too far ahead, let me introduce you to clean beauty expert Ruchita Acharya. She is the mastermind when it comes to sustainability and clean, simple, natural beauty and skincare and clean beauty products. She was another one of the presenters I met at the Clean Beauty Con Summit. After hearing her speak I invited her to share her clean beauty tips on the podcast.

Glow N Green clean beauty blogger Ruchita Acharya headshotGlow N Green clean beauty blogger Ruchita Acharya headshot

Meet Ruchita: The expert on natural skincare and sustainability

Ruchita has conducted various sustainability projects for ten years and is committed to  providing you with beautiful skin and hair content. While defining the beauty industry in a language we can all understand on her blog Glow N Green.

She also formulates skin care products and conducts beauty workshops in the Bay Area. So if you’re out that way, check her out. I’ve linked some of her free beauty recipes and events at the bottom of this blog.

To get all of the details, listen to the podcast versus this blog pages quick overview. Along with all of the links to find her and get the skincare recipes so you can copy them for yourself at home.

Glamour and Gains Podcast: Clean Beauty Products | Skincare Must Haves & 3 P’s of Sustainable Eco-conscious Skincare

Benefits of going back to the skincare essentials

  • It’s great for saving money, which I think a lot of us are trying to do right now.

  • It saves time and helps to make your skincare routine fuss-free

  • It’s a much more eco-conscious way of approaching skincare by using less and reducing waste.

There’s something cathartic about simplifying and clearing out our medicine cabinets and bathrooms and nailing down our clean beauty products and daily skincare essentials. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with a medicine cabinet full of skincare products and overflowing cupboards under their sinks.

Ruchita isn’t suggesting throwing anything away. Instead, she says to consider not replacing it but swap out to these 4 natural, cruelty-free skincare essentials. 3 of which she makes herself with just 2 ingredients! We’ll get to the recipes in a bit!

Ruchita’s 4 essential cruelty-free clean beauty products made from the kitchen pantry!

Ruchita goes into this in depth about clean beauty products you can make at home on the podcast but for the sake of not writing a whole book here I’ll precis it.

She shares not just her 4 skincare essentials but ways to make your own non irritating products from just 2 ingredients. They’re 2 ingredients that you probably already have at home already which helps to keep clean skincare affordable.

If you’re planning on switching to clean beauty and creating a non toxic skincare routine this is a great place to start.

  1. Clean Beauty Cleanser | Double Cleansing

    Recommendation: double cleansing. Step 1 cleanse with unrefined coconut oil or an oil blend (here’s her natural facial cleanser recipe you can copy). Step 2 lather with something like soapnut & glycerin mixed together.

    Soapnuts are one of the most popular herbs in Ayurveda. They’re all-natural, eco-friendly, cheap and reusable. When they comes into contact with water, they lather similar to soap.

    Apparently they’re great for washing your hair too if you want longer, bouncier locks. Count me in, I’ve never tried them but now am desperate to get my hands on them. That would have been a cheaper option than my Dyson Airwrap that I’m finally getting the hang of. I did read that they could sting when washing your face when used alone so avoid that!

    Ruchita recommends soaking soapnuts in water overnight. Then adding glycerin into the water and hand blending it to make facial cleanser that creates a good lather.

    If you don’t want to make your own

    Rachita’s clean beauty recommendation is BYBI Beauty and she likes their BYBI crystal clear facial wash ($30, CredoBeauty).

  2. Exfoliate + Treat

    You don’t need a fancy brand product to exfoliate. You can make your own using small grains of sugar that are gentle on your skin and a natural source of glycolic acid and jojoba oil.

    She recommends exfoliating once a week at first, and if you do not see any adverse effect, follow two times a week schedule.

    “If you are doing this treatment every single day, then you are damaging your skin. Exfoliation of your skin can be done in two ways” Ruchita

    I’d follow this by saying to go gentler in the sunnier months with your exfoliations and make sure you’re using SPF year round, not just in the Summer.

    You can either use Alpha Hydroxy Acids (1-2 x per week) or Beta Hydroxy Acids (an effective way to cure spot-prone skin). Try to find natural and DIY alternatives for AHA (like glycolic acid, lactic or citric acid) & BHA (Salicylic acid). Ruchita has shared a few natural alternatives on AHA & BHA on her Instagram.

  3. Moisturize


    – The Ordinary Organic Cold Pressed Argan Oil Ulta $6.80 1 oz (great for traveling) – Argan oil Moroccan Virgin, Unrefined Cold Pressed 100% Pure Natural Argan Oil, Body And Hair Moisturizer. This comes in sizes 2.0 oz -1 Gallon starting at $7.97 Etsy

  4. Protect with SPF

    We’re both fans of Supergoop as cruelty-free sun protection Supergoop! SPF 40. I also like the brand Coola for SPF primers and their organic spray SPF sun protection. Especially COOLA SPF 30 Pinã Colada scented one ($25 Ulta).

How we can take a more sustainable and eco-conscious to our to our skincare and clean beauty products

I’m pretty good about recycling but I was wondering if there are certain types of materials used in packaging to look for and/or avoid. Ruchita pointed out that it’s not just about the packaging and eco-conscious side but to be sustainable, a product has to bear in mind the 3 P’s!

The 3 P’s of Sustainability | Sustainable Skincare and Beauty

  1. People Aspect: is the product good for you? Are they made from clean ingredients, non non toxic ingredients for your personal sustainability and wellness., specifically their Consumer Guide is a trustworthy website for finding out how clean to toxic brands, products and ingredients are on a scale of 1-10.

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  2. Profitability: how expensive is the product, what are you paying for e.g. ingredients, brand name, profit margins. Is it financially sustainable for you to keep purchasing?

  3. Planet: look for biodegradable beauty products. Don’t look for just recycle label.

Stay in touch with Ruchita & more clean beauty products & tips from Glow N Green



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If you’re interested in making any of the skincare recipes Ruchita gave, you can find her free skincare recipe Downloads here.

May 2020: Her website isn’t currently listing any events due to the lock down in California (Covid-19 May 2020) but check back in the future when businesses are back to normal.

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