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Detox Diet – 8 Simple Tips for a Safe Natural Detox

Detox Diet – 8 Simple Tips for a Safe Natural Detox

Is your detox diet doing you more harm than good? The best ways to detox the healthy and affordable way

Detox diets can do more harm than good if they’re too intense and drastic, not to mention unsafe. When it comes to safely and effectively detoxing, WebMD is on the same page as me as neither of us think that it should be done via some risky detox diet , detox fad or juice cleanse that make you grouchy, depleted and leave you with no energy.

The key for long term results is a healthy balanced dietary change and hydration not crash diets and juice fasts.

Our bodies are pretty good at detoxing themselves anyway (that’s what our liver, lungs, kidneys and skin do) and can recover from excess on their own.

Why detox at all then? Do we need to detox?

Apparently, according to new research (BBC news), there isn’t any point in detox diets unless you’re trying to break bad eating habits and re-educate yourself about food. But this still means eating a varied diet, eating enough, and getting all the required nutrients. There are so many negative effects to crash dieting and reasons why long term solutions are so important for long term health and weight maintenance.

The best way to ‘detox’ is to not overload your body with toxins in the first place but let’s be realistic, there are times that we all over indulge. If you have, don’t panic or resort to magical marketing claims. Drink your water, eat well, sleep well and keep living your life.

The detox tips on this episode of Spill the Tea : The British Expat show are simple, diet free and pill free. They can help create new healthy nutritional habits and make you feel a little better about how you’re treating your body mentally without resorting to a drastic detox diet.

How to detox safely and naturally | 8 simple tips 

The video goes into each of these in more detail, the what, how and why.

  1. Limit alcohol and find healthy moderation
  2. Eat a diverse diet of more real food and less processed foods
  3. Don’t skip meals or fast (unless for religious reasons or prescribed by a doctor)
  4. Stay hydrated with lots of water and herbal teas
  5. Get enough sleep – how to get more sleep and fall asleep
  6. Use stress coping strategies to minimize cortisol
  7. Make sure to keep moving and exercising to flush out your system
  8. Use a dry body brush or exfoliating body scrub

This detox diet video was originally part of my beauty, fitness and fashion segment on the Spill the Tea. So if you want to watch the full episode here it is.

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Lemon water is great for naturally detoxifying your body

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