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How to Do Push Ups and What Muscles They Work

How to Do Push Ups and What Muscles They Work

Work out your upper body with push ups, no equipment needed

A push up or press up is one of the most effective chest exercises you can do with no equipment. It can be done at different angles to target different chest muscles and ideally you want to work them all. This short article covers the basics on how to do push ups and what muscles do push ups work.

What Muscles do push ups work

Also known as press ups if you’re English like me. They primarily work the chest, shoulders and triceps muscles. Along with your core, neck, back, hips and legs to keep the body in alignment.

  • Decline push ups are great for the lower pecs.
  • Incline push ups are great for your deltoids (shoulders), triceps and upper chest.
  • Regular push ups will all focus on all of the different chest muscles, plus some shoulders and triceps.

Another bonus: The more muscles you work the more calories you burn!

Top of incline push up Eve Dawes WBFF Pro

Incline Push Up starting position

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Bottom position incline push up Eve Dawes

Incline push up ending / mid rep position

Push Up Variations

  • You can do these on your knees or on your toes depending on your strength.
  • To target the chest and triceps use a wider grip.
  • For more focus on your triceps use a closer grip and keep your elbows in.
  • To target the shoulders perform with your hands on an incline.

1 leg push up starting positionTo target your core more, perform on one leg only and lift the other slightly.

How to do push ups | Tips to get the most out of this exercise

  • Avoid injury by warming up with dynamic not static (held) stretches first and using correct form.
  • Remember to stay hydrated in the sun and on warmer days avoid working out during the hottest part of the day.
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