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How to Fix Hooded Eyes, Droopy Eyelids & Crows Feet Naturally

How to Fix Hooded Eyes, Droopy Eyelids & Crows Feet Naturally

how get rid hooded eyes droopy eyelids

Last Updated on September 16, 2023 by Eve Dawes

The best surgery and botox free solutions for getting rid of hooded & droopy eyelids

How to fix and get rid of hooded eyes naturally? I’ve noticed getting more hooded eyes, droopy eyelids and crows feet as I’m getting older and I’ve been on a mission to deal with them all year. So I’ve been trying everything to fix them from natural ways to fix them at home to dermatologist office treatments and solutions. I really don’t want to resort to hooded eye correction surgery and botox doesn’t work for me. So I googled the best ways for how to get rid of hooded eyes and crows feet naturally and came up with these 3 cruelty-free solutions which all claimed to be the best solutions for droopy eyelids. I put them all to the test and these are the results I got including a SBLA eye lift wand review. There were both hits and misses!

This is NOT sponsored, I paid for all of these hooded eye fixes myself. This post contains affiliate links.

How To Get Rid Of Hooded Eyes, Droopy Eyelids & Crows Feet At Home! I Tried 3 Non Surgical Fixes – Only 1 Worked

Besides having Fibroblast at the beginning of the year and Microneedling with RF I’ve also been trying a lot of at home solutions. I googled the best ways for how to get rid of hooded eyes and how to get rid of crows feet naturally and came up with these 3 cruelty-free solutions. I put them all to the test and these are the results I got, the hits and definite misses!

The 3 at home fixes for hooded eyes and crows feet that I put to the test

  1. SBLA Eye Lift Wand is the one that worked the best for me and that I’ve already repurchased. It’s not cheap but they run lots of specials and it’s cheaper than surgery.
  2. Contours RX Lids By Design Cosmetic Strips were a total miss for me. They might work for photos but they come off even with using their eyelid prep pads and their adhesive, and you can see them. There’s no way to hide them even with their eyeshadow base and makeup.
  3. Dr. Harris Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Mask (affiliate link) was another miss. The photos on their website make it look like it lights up but that’s just their lighting, it doesn’t. The silicone dots also leave marks on your face which isn’t ideal for a sleep mask or something that’s supposed to reduce lines not increase them.

A couple of anti-aging devices that I didn’t add to the video review as they’re not for hooded eyes but for fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet are the Solawave red light therapy wand, CurrentBody LED mask and I just started with NuFace so I’ll link the video results to that after 60 days of use.

I’ve been using Solawave daily for over a year and absolutely love it. It’s fast and easy to use. I normally use it while watching TV on the couch in the evening so it’s not adding time onto my evening skincare routine.

It makes me good about using a serum every night and I’ve definitely seen results in the improvement of the appearance of my crows feet which were super deep. It’s also on sale at the moment for the holidays.

currentbody led mask red light therapy home benefits
CurrentBody LED mask use code GLAMOURCB for 15% off

This is the LED mask I’ve been using for just over a month. It’s too early to tell if it’s working yet and I use it in conjunction with an infrared sauna and the solawave wand so it’s hard to tell what’s doing what but I’m trying everything possible to fight sagging skin and droopy eyes.

More non surgical hooded eye fixes and solutions to try at home

I also have a few more products and tools on my wishlist for fixing hooded eyes and getting rid of crows feet that I’m going to put to the test. I’ll keep adding to this review as I do but for now my top 2 picks are Solawave red light therapy and serum kit and SBLA eye lift wand.

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SBLA eye lift wand review

I’ve been really good about using the SBLA eye lift wand every morning and evening. The only downside is that even with the lightest application it still pills under makeup and a lot of the SBLA eye lift wand reviews say the same thing. However, I’m sticking with it mainly at night as I do see results with it. They’re subtle and not a miracle but better than nothing.

SBLA eye lift wand results
SBLA eye lift wand results after 6 weeks

I’ve also linked the Cover RX products, eyelid droopy eyelids cosmetic strips and the eye mask that didn’t work for me as different people like different things and I wanted you to be able to see the full details on the products.


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