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The Coziest Puffer Jackets to Wear This Winter

The Coziest Puffer Jackets to Wear This Winter

womens puffer jacket black cropped Mackage

Practical & on trend women’s puffer jackets you’ll actually want to wear this season

Puffer jackets and down coats you have me converted! They were something I always avoided owning. I thought they were unflattering and frumpy and some still do look like you’re wearing a duvet but designs and fashions have evolved a lot over the last few years. I broke into them slowly with a slimline, fitted Barbor jacket. Since it’s an English classic that was more equestrian than Michelin Man. It’s my husband whose been convincing me to get one (or 3) black puffer jackets, as a technical coat is way different to a fashion coat. Although we live in Vegas, we travel a lot to cold places. I like cropped puffer jackets for Fall and Spring and longer length down filled ones for Winter.

womens puffer jacket black cropped Mackage

My husband and I are kind of a shopping duo when it comes to Winter technical gear. I look for style and he looks at the technical details to make sure it’s actually functional and not just fashionable. Which is how he chooses the clothing for our clothing co.

To be fair, that’s where a lot of the price differences come in. Unless you’re paying for a designer name which is always going to be more expensive. If you’re looking for a water resistant, wind resistant warm coat, it’s quite a bit more than one that just checks off this Winter 2021/2022 puffer jacket trend. But if you live somewhere like Vegas like I do, the technical aspect isn’t as important.

Are puffer jackets in style 2021/2022

Puffer jackets, down coats, and quilted styles were all over the FW2122 runway shows. From blacks to bright colors. The bigger and puffier the better. I still couldn’t bring myself to wear them this way personally but I have embraced the warm, cozy styles to bundle up in.

Best womens puffer jackets to bundle up in this season

These are the cutest puffer jackets from my favorite brands from fashion to function. Whether you’re wanting something more technical and weather proof or just an on trend coat for the season. Mackage and Moose Knuckles have some of my favorite women’s puffer coats but Express and ASOS have the best for budgets styles this season. I’m loving the white puffer jackets this season but then I’m into white everything this year. As you’ll have seen from how much I’ve been wearing my white boots.

Best cropped puffer jackets

My legs tend to get cold in cropped puffer jackets on super cold days but for Fall and Spring the cropped puffer jacket length is perfect. Especially for traveling as they take up less space in your bag or luggage. The Mackage black puffer jacket (also comes in beige) I’m wearing fits in the Prada tote I’m carrying. It’s also pretty much weightless but still super warm and machine washable. Normally flying with a winter coat’s a nightmare as they’re so bulky.

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Black puffer coat | Mackage quilted down jacket

Do puffer jackets actually keep you warm?

Puffer coats are one of those coats that are definitely not created equal. The fitted lightweight Mackage black puffer jacket I’m wearing is just as warm as the bulkier, warmer looking Moto version below. Both coats are down filled but I couldn’t find the fill weight for either.

The Mackage coat is water-repellant, I definitely put it to the test in the rain in Oregon this week. So definitely check the details before you buy. I’m not talking about paying for designer brands, but with puffer jacket quality, you tend to get what you pay for.

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