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3 Simple Tips to Increase Your Chances to Conceive Your Baby

3 Simple Tips to Increase Your Chances to Conceive Your Baby

A sensitive look at helping with infertility with world-renowned Fertility Coach Saskia Roell

Conceiving a baby and infertility is a sensitive and often private but necessary topic to address. As well as one many women are seeking help with to increase their chance to conceive.

Sharing her knowledge is Infertility Expert Saskia Roell. She’s a mother of 5, world-renowned Fertility Coach, International Speaker, and Bestselling Author. For over 20 years she has helped women from all over the world solve unexplained infertility and get pregnant so I brought her on the show to help provide insights on improving your chance to get pregnant and have your baby.

Infertility and 3 simple tips to increase your chances to conceive a baby

This Glamour and Gains podcast episode focuses on infertility and 3 simple tips to increase your chances to conceive a baby. Over 7 million women in the US can’t get pregnant so please share this post, you never know who you may be helping as so many are suffering in private.

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Saskia Roell highly recommends seeing your doctor as this information regarding infertility and how to conceive a baby does not replace any doctor’s advice. All opinions are that of Saskia Roell and not endorsed by glamourandgains or Eve Dawes.

Fertility Coach Saskia Roell red lace top helps conceive your babyFertility Coach Saskia Roell red lace top

How to conceive a baby | Advice from an infertility expert

Unexplained infertility, even when living your healthiest life, is devastating but Saskia says there’s always an underlying issue. Even if the doctor can’t find it, which means finding that underlying reason to be able to address the issues.

When a women does body mind work and is trying to conceive the natural or IVF way, science proves you more than double your chances of getting pregnant…there is hope. Saskia Roell

Fear changes the bodies chemical which affects the body in so many ways from insomnia to thyroid issues, it can even be a sub-conscious fear but

Your emotional body is seamlessly connected to your physical body

When you do mind body work it releases the fear. For the physical you go to the doctor but if they can’t find the reason and it’s a subconscious issue, Saskia suggests that you should work on a deeper level to release those fears. 


Pregnant woman daughter hug infertility helpPregnant woman daughter hug

3 Simple Tips to increase your chances to conceive your baby 

  1. Change your thoughts

Worry and fear have negative effects on the body but how do you change your thoughts? I asked about affirmations and meditations but Saskia has a no BS take on changing thoughts and doesn’t believe affirmations work in this instance as you and your body don’t believe them. Instead, she says to think “What if. [insert positive thought/outcome versus negative]” which allows your mind to open up.

  2. Reconnect to your body

In Chinese philosophy the belly is the 2nd heart.

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We lose our connection to our bodies because they’ve been through so much. Saskia suggests that you try when you wake up and before you go to bed to place one hand on your heart and think about someone you truly love and then put that hand on your belly to feel the same kind of love and connect your heart to your belly.

3. Go into your feminine body

Don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of perfection, bring back the fun. We work so hard and push ourselves to achieve which is great but you need balance and Saskia suggests the 80:20 rule to all of her clients for living a more balanced and fun life; from sleep to work to nutrition. It’s important to have ways to relieve stress, have self-care, and fun in your life

Babies want to come to happy Moms.

More About Saskia Roell Infertility Expert

Saskia was a member of the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences in the Department of Experimental Psychology in The Netherlands. She has extensively studied the mind and how unhealed emotional trauma affects a woman’s ability to conceive her baby and birth it. She holds certificates in Naturopathy, Transformational Healing, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Somatic Healing, Birthing and Fertility Therapy.

Learn more on how to conceive your baby:

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