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Trending Crop Tops 2022 & How to Wear Them

Trending Crop Tops 2022 & How to Wear Them

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Crop tops have most of us running in the opposite direction. It takes a lot to want to bare your stomach in public, however cute the top. Just because cute crop tops are a key fashion trend for 2022 doesn’t always mean they’re easy to pull off or in our comfort zone. Crop tops and having a bare belly are styles I’d normally avoid but these stylish and classy crop tops are super wearable and make wearing them less daunting. Especially the knit crop top trend which is perfect for layering. I’m having fun styling these cute crop tops for Summer 2022 and making them more sophisticated and wearable. If you’re confident wearing them anyway, ignore my comments and skip straight to the gorgeous cute crop top round up.

Crop tops don’t have to be super short or super fitted. I’ve found some chic elegant styles for a more sophisticated look. Some of these classy crop tops (never thought I’d put classy and crop top in the same sentence) are fitted and some are looser and more flowy.

black cute crop top summer 2022 Eve Dawes
Black crop top | Pearl choker use code LOVEMAY for 15% off | Braided mules (budget friendly)

This black button down cute and classy crop top is on sale right now and selling out fast. It runs true to size and has the gorgeously structured puff cap sleeves. I love a cap sleeve for covering my upper arms and they’re always more flattering in photos.

Versace womens 2 piece outfit crop top high waisted skirt

Versace bralettes are an investment. I’ve had mine for years, which is why I couldn’t find the exact one to link but these gorgeous styles are the new season SS2022.

How to wear crop tops

If baring your stomach in public is about as appealing as eating lettuce leaves for the rest of 2022, here are some tips to make these tops less daunting and more stylish.

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  1. Wear your crop top with a high waisted skirt or high waisted pants to close or lessen the gap. This Versace outfit is actually a crop top and high waisted skirt, not a dress. It takes wearing a crop top from totally scary to me to something I feel confident in.
  2. Look for volume in the sleeves and shoulders as well as on your bottom half. It will naturally create an hour glass shape and give the appearance of a smaller waist.
  3. Throw a blazer over the top as an added level of comfort which is always great for when sitting down. Everyone has rolls when they sit even if you’re a 00 so why worry about it when you can do this simple hack.
Versace bralette crop top blazer key fashion trends 2022

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Give this cute trend a go. Let me know what you think and show me how you styled your crop top for 2022 #glamourandgains.

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