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Trending Crop Tops 2022 & How to Wear Them

Trending Crop Tops 2022 & How to Wear Them

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Trending crop tops 2022 are more wearable and stylish than in the past. Previous iterations had most of us over the age of 21 running in the opposite direction. It takes a lot to want to bare your stomach in public, however classy or trendy the crop top. Just because cute crop tops are a key fashion trend for 2022 doesn’t always mean they’re easy to pull off or in our comfort zone. Here are my picks for the best crop tops for 2022 and if you’re wondering are crop tops in style for 2022? The answer is 100% yes! Keep reading for styling tips or jump to shop the crop tops trending now.

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Crop tops and having a bare belly are styles I’d normally avoid but these stylish and classy crop tops are super wearable and make wearing them less daunting. Especially the knit crop top trend which is perfect for layering under a blazer.

These are the best crop tops trending now and some ways to style them whatever your comfort level wearing them.

Are crop tops in style 2022

Absolutely! Crop tops, like a lot of other 90’s trends and big for 2022. If you’re not sure about them, style them with high waisted pants, skirts and skorts to close the gap or throw a blazer over the top.

cropped dua lipa versace bag pink medusa
Versace crop top and skirt coord set sold out | Versace Bag

The top and skirt in this cute blue and white knit crop top and skirt set are sold separately. It’s designed to be worn together or to mix and match but ordering separately means you can order a different size top to bottom if you need to.

I wish more bikinis were sold like this! It runs true to size but is selling out fast.

How to make crop tops more sophisticated

I’m having fun styling these cute crop tops for 2022 and making them more sophisticated and wearable. I tend to wear high waisted styles of skirts and pants with crop tops to still wear the trend but show less flesh. You can also layer a blazer over the top for a smarter look.

If you’re confident wearing them anyway, ignore my comments and skip straight to the gorgeous, trendy crop top round up below.

Crop tops don’t have to be super short or super fitted. I’ve found some chic elegant trending crop top styles for a more sophisticated look. Some of these classy tops, I never thought I’d put classy and crop top in the same sentence, are fitted and some are looser and more flowy.

I’ve also added cropped sweatshirts for a cozy and casual way to wear crop tops in Fall/Autumn and Winter.

For a luxe for less version of the Versace cropped white safety pin t-shirt, buy the Versace gold safety pin and recreate the look on one of your own tees.

Shop the best crop tops

Here’s the best trendy crop tops to wear this for all seasons.

My black puff sleeve button down crop top has already sold out but there’s a few similar styles still in stock. I find most revolve brands run true to size and love gorgeously structured puff sleeves. I love a cap sleeve for covering my upper arms and they’re always more flattering in photos.

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Heeled mules are still in style for 2022 and I just did a post on the best mules trending now as I wore my white ones a lot this summer.

black cute crop top summer 2022 Eve Dawes
Black crop top sold out similar styles of black crop top | Pearl choker use code LOVEMAY for 15% off | Braided mules | Budget friendly mules

Versace bralettes and crop tops are an investment. I’ve had mine for years, which is why I couldn’t find the exact one to link but these gorgeous styles are the new season SS2022. I prefer to style mine with a high waisted skirt so that it looks like a dress and I don’t have to suck my stomach in all day.

How to style crop tops in 2022

Crop tops and baring your stomach in public can be pretty daunting! Here are some tips to make these trending crop tops for 2022 less daunting, more stylish from casual to dressy, the office to date night.

corset trend white top high waisted pants bardot london fashion
  1. Look for volume in the sleeves and shoulders as well as on your bottom half. It will naturally create an hour glass shape and give the appearance of a smaller waist.
  2. Throw a blazer over the top of your crop top as an added level of comfort which is always great for when sitting down. Everyone has rolls when they sit even if you’re a 00 so why worry about it when you can do this simple hack.
  3. The most trendy crop tops for 2022 are matching sets. There’s some super cute 2 and 3 piece coord sets around this year from casual to dressier styles.

How to wear crop tops without showing skin

If baring your stomach in public is about as appealing as eating lettuce leaves for the rest of 2022, here are 8 ways to wear crop tops without showing skin and tips to make the crop top trend for 2022 less scary.

  1. Style and wear your crop top with a high waisted skirt. The Versace outfit above is actually a 2 piece set (crop top and high waisted skirt), not a dress.
  2. Wear them with high waisted pants to close or lessen the gap. I prefer to style my corset crop tops with high waisted pants so there’s no gap. It takes wearing a crop top from totally scary to me to something I feel confident in.
  3. Wear your crop tops under overalls so there’s just a glimpse of skin at the sides but it covers the stomach.
  4. Layer crop tops under sheer layers which are still in style for 2022.
  5. Strategically place cross body bags and wear belt bags cross body to cover more skin.
  6. Preppy styles are back for 2022 so you can always tie a sweater, skirt or jacket around your waist to cover up a bit more.
  7. Go for longer length crop tops.
  8. Layer them under blazers buttoned or unbuttoned. This is one of my go-to ways to wear them.

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